The New Zealand Prophetic Network has been formed to be a servant ministry to the Body of Christ and the nation of New Zealand. It has been established to provide a two-fold service –

  • To provide a platform to get the prophetic words God gives to the prophetic voices of this nation, out into the nation of New Zealand. It’s a place where people can access and release words from the Lord that relate to New Zealand and its place in the world. It’s also a place where the prophetic community of this nation can release words for other nations and people groups.

The NZPN is not limited to only promoting well known prophetic ministers, but will encourage emerging prophetic voices as well. While we recognise that there are those He calls to function in the prophetic gift as their primary calling, we also recognise that God can speak through anyone He chooses, at any time He chooses to do so. 

  • To train prophetic people bringing them into maturity in the use of their gift. As such we will provide opportunities for training by way of schools and conferences, media - articles and publications, and personal or group mentoring. We will also provide a place where others can advertise their prophetic training events.

  • To see regional and national gatherings of prophets established around the nation for the following purposes:

    • To provide a regular or semi-regular gathering place for those functioning in the prophetic gift to grow and learn as they meet with others, praying, worshipping and sharing together.

    • To provide a place for those who function in the office of Prophet within New Zealand, where we can individually and collectively share what we believe God is saying to the different spheres of society in the nation.

    • To identify emerging prophets and to encourage them in their calling and gift.

We recognise that this may not be the only prophetic network that God will raise up within New Zealand, and we don’t consider it to be the only, or pre-eminent, avenue God will use to get His words out to the nation.


The New Zealand Prophetic Network is set up under the umbrella of Christian Services Association (a NZ Charitable Trust) and is run on a donation basis. All donations are tax deductible. 

Rob and Lyn Packer facilitate the ministry as a gift to the nation. They don’t draw a wage, so any donations made to the NZ Prophetic Network do not go to them, but there are ongoing ministry costs associated with running a ministry in today's world, with website hosting, url purchase, email updates etc. All these take finances.

While we rely on the Lord as the source we do understand that He uses different means of provision, and one of those is through the love and generosity of His children. Can we ask you to consider making a donation to help us with this important work. To make a donation click on the PayPal 'Donate' button.


A word from the designer* – After much thought and prayer I felt to include these elements in the finished logo - a circle, pounamu or greenstone, a tui and unfurling fern fronds or koru. This is what they represent -

  • CIRCLE – The circle represents the earth, its history and future, and our oneness with the peoples of the earth. It also represents our inclusion in Christ and the oneness of the Trinity.

  • GREENSTONE / POUNAMU – Culturally here in New Zealand, greenstone is seen to have great ‘mana’ (it is a symbol of authority, status and power). It also has historical significance in the peacemaking process and symbolises for me that we are brought into a supernatural peacemaking process between God and man through Christ, both as we enter into that personally, and as we share the good news of what Christ has done.

  • KORU – The stylized fern fronds (koru) represent growth and unfolding - the growth of the prophetic in our nation and the unfolding and expanding of the word/sound going forth from the ends of the earth.

  • TUI – The Tui represents several things to me. It is a honeyeater and a songbird, which represents to me the partaking of the sweetness of the living Word, Jesus, as well as scripture, and declaring His Word and His praises from the ends of the Earth (the Tui is found only in New Zealand - at the ends of the earth). It also represents operating from two realms simultaneously. The Tui has two voice boxes and is believed to be able to operate both in the audible and inaudible spectrums. The words we declare can affect both the spiritual and the natural realms simultaneously.

*  Logo design by Lyn Packer – Lyn is a prophet, prophetic artist, graphic designer and facilitator of the New Zealand Prophetic Network.

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