We are told in scripture to test or evaluate prophetic words. (1 Thess 5:20-21)

Any word that is submitted to the Network will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria set out below before it is published on the website or any other publication avenue.

Submission of a prophetic word to the Network for publication by a person gives permission for that word to be evaluated. Any testing of a prophetic word is not a judgement for or against a person; it is an evaluating of the content of the word given. When needed, and where possible, constructive feedback will be lovingly given to the person who submits the word, in order that they may grow in their use of the prophetic gift, coming into a place of maturity in it.

Submission and acceptance of a word also gives permission for that word to be published through all the Network’s channels, as mentioned above.

Recognition and promotion of a prophetic word through the New Zealand Prophetic Network in no way gives a person the right to assume that we endorse their whole ministry. It simply says that we recognize that this particular prophetic word is a word from the Lord.


Before submitting a prophetic word please read the section below on the 'Protocol for Evaluating a Word'. All words submitted will be evaluated according to that protocol, and your submitting a word for publication by the NZPN shows your agreement with that process. 

We require that all published posts be by credible and accountable prophetic people. In order to accommodate that, please include the following with any word you send in: 

  • A photo of yourself (head and shoulders shot).
  • A short bio - we want people to get to know you, not just your gift.
  • Details of your church affiliation and your Pastor’s name, email address and phone number, or the email address and phone number of a minister who can vouch for your character and ministry gift. We do need ministry recommendations in the case of people whose ministry profile we don’t know, so that the public are protected.

We realise that accountability and submission are to Christ first, but they are also to the Body of Christ. While church affiliation isn’t an absolute requirement for posts to be accepted, validation of your ministry by a Pastor does let people know that you’re not a ‘lone ranger’ who is unaccountable to anyone. 

Please submit your prophetic word in writing to Lyn at


All prophetic words submitted to the NZPN will be tested according to the following criteria. We believe these criteria to be consistent with scripture and the nature and character of God.

  • The nature and character of God as He reveals Himself in scripture – loving, kind, merciful, faithful, steadfast, encouraging etc.
  • His heart for mankind – that all should know Him, His love and His forgiveness.
  • Scripture and God’s revealed will for mankind as shown there – a prophetic word should not contradict scripture in general, but particularly is tested to see whether it is in line with the New Covenant (which is the Covenant that the Church was formed under and operates in).
  • Does the word glorify God and draw us closer to Him and Jesus?
  • Is the word redemptive, or punitive and judgemental? Does this word bring encouragement, comfort and exhortation, or does it bring discouragement and condemnation? Is there any aspect of control or manipulation in this word?
  • What is likely to be the fruit of this word?
  • Do we have a sense of peace about this word and its timing?
  • Do we bear witness in our spirit that this is a word from God or do we discern a different spirit at work - the human spirit or a demonic spirit? 
  • Is the person submitting it trustworthy, submitted to the Lord and in right relationship with the Body of Christ?


The NZPN team will not be giving personal prophetic words through this website. It’s not the purpose that this ministry was set up for, so we ask that you respect that and please do not write asking for one. Our team members do give prophetic words, as the Lord leads, when they are out ministering in churches and events, but they do not do so on demand.

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