by Julie Calvert

Several years ago I saw our nation of New Zealand and it was like a tsunami had come and the land was completely exposed. The water was so far out that I couldn't actually see the sea, and I knew it was going to be a huge wave that would hit our nation. 

A few years later the next picture the Lord showed me was of our nation completely immersed in water, except the mountain tops were exposed, and only a couple of weeks ago I felt like the Lord showed me the reason for the mountain top exposure. I'll explain more about what I felt that exposure represented later in this prophetic word.

Then about 18 months ago the Lord said to me, "Get your board waxed and ready to ride the wave, as you will either ride the wave or be swept along by it, but you wont be able to get out of its way," and for the first time I saw the wave - it was massive, about 10 - 20 office blocks high.

I then asked the Lord, "What's the wax?", as I had heard that the wax is an important part of riding a wave and it's what keeps you on the board. The Lord immediately spoke saying, "The wax is My Holy Spirit, as for too long My church has moved without Holy Spirit, but no more for I am coming, ready or not, and it's a wave of my great love which will produce an awe of Him and who He is." So for many months I continually saw myself perched on top of this massive wave, waiting for it to break.

It was in Christchurch, at the Aglow National conference with Graham Cooke, that in worship I suddenly saw my legs beginning to move as though surfing. I asked the Lord, "What is this?" His reply - "You are riding the Wave of Awakening.  You keep asking Me for it, but the awakening has begun. You are in the last Great Awakening. Just ask Me for greater increase in this awakening and keep thanking Me. Thankfulness and gratefulness are great keys."

I knew I was riding the wave. It was amazing, the awe of this wave, but what was distressing was those who weren't  prepared, and they were being swept along.  My heart was breaking as I saw them floundering, when the Lord said, "Put your hands out and gather them on board."

I then asked the Lord, "How many can I gather on this board?" and He replied, "As many as are willing to learn to ride the wave with you."

I was greatly delighted and relieved to realise that no one need miss out on this Awakening Wave, and I began taking them on board.

I then had this sense that the mountain tops are the high places where the indigenous people of the land, our Maori folks, those who are  believers, will go and blow the trumpet (shofar or shell), declaring that these high places belong to the Kingdom of our God. (I don't fully understand all this, but I know that their part is imperative, and over this last weekend I discovered a prophetic word released by Rick Joyner over our nation in 1991 that confirms the importance that the Maori people play in this awakening.)



Julie Calvert is the National Director of New Zealand for the International Association of Healing Rooms headquartered in Spokane Washington, United States.  She has served in this role for 9 years and is also an ordained minister with the IAHR.  Julie has helped establish and pioneer over fifty healing rooms throughout New Zealand. 

Her desire to see God's love and healing power in the lives of others is what motivates Julie to take Jesus to those who are in desperate need of Him.  With her passion and unbridled love for Jesus she ministers in a way that ignites more hunger for Him.

Julie has a passion to see all generations step into their God-given destinies and take nations for Jesus. She moves in the prophetic releasing God's love, peace, rest, life, hope and the fire of God. Her heart is for the nations, in particular New Zealand, and is often called a mother in the Body of Christ.

Julie and her husband Mac have been married for 53 years this year. They live in Warkworth and have 3 wonderful children, with their spouses, and 13 grandchildren. For more info...

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