by Nate Johnston


I was praying tonight when I had a vision of the Lord opening the pages of people's books. What was firstly highlighted to me was that many chapters of these books were disjointed, with whole blank pages, torn pages, and pages where the sentences suddenly stopped. Secondly I noticed that each of them had whole sections of the book where they were titled with chapters and headings but nothing was yet written. From outward appearances these were poorly written books, but the Lord was so invested in them as He was reading them because they were obviously highly valuable to Him. After I saw this I asked the Lord about what I saw, and what it meant, and He said to me that the books I saw were indeed the pages of people's lives, but they were actually destiny books that contained the purposes and plans of God for each one of us!

Chapters of Transition

Many people right now are in the uncomfortable chapters where it feels like their seasons have been disjointed and don’t make any sense, which is what I sensed when I saw them. It is like chapter 4 just doesn’t seem to match chapter 5, and so on. In this season of transition many have felt lost and highly confused about where they are headed because their past season was so different to the one before them, and they are feeling visionless and in foreign territory.

The Lord said to me, “Only I can connect what needs to be connected, only I can orchestrate what needs to be orchestrated. Where you see inconsistency and lack of direction I have been re-directing you. I am making the chapters of your life all come together in this season as you lean into Me; trust Me, and allow Me to do what only I can do.”

The Torn Pages

The Lord began to speak to me about the torn pages and said to me that they represented failure and ruin that many had experienced in previous seasons, but especially recently. I felt His grief as He highlighted broken marriages, loss, and disaster and ruin that had come to people and homes. There was such a brokenness that many had been so deeply torn in their hearts and overshadowed by trauma. “Come out of hiding”, I hear the Father saying so tenderly. “That page of your life is not your end. Now watch Me make it your brand new beginning! I am healing your heart right now and turning the page for you, where you will begin to hope again, love again, and dream again!”

As I am writing this I am sensing that many are being healed, as they read this, from rejection. I keep hearing “rejection syndrome” and see how the root of rejection keeps causing some people to be derailed in many areas once it is triggered. Those past areas where you were rejected, abandoned, and outcasted are being healed right now. I command every spirit of rejection attached to you leave right now in Jesus' name! Be restored and whole, accepted and fully loved! Father show them your love, even as they read this. If you felt the Holy Spirit highlighting anything to you just take a few moments to be still in His presence and allow Him to heal you.

The Blank Pages

As I asked Him about the blank pages I heard Him say, “What looks like waiting isn’t fruitless. What looks like wasting is worship”, and I sensed that this represented many people who have been in a waiting season where it has felt like they have received no steps, strategies, or direction forward, and have felt stuck, frustrated, and empty and have become heartsick. The the Lord said, “Looks can be deceiving, because where you have surrendered to Me in the waiting, you are giving Me permission to FILL IN THE BLANKS!” In the waiting you always end up with more than you bargained for, as you keep holding on, not giving up!

Let me Finish Your Sentences

I asked the Lord about the unfinished sentences that seemed to trail off, as if someone fell asleep behind the pen. The Lord said, “Where many have grown weary and fallen asleep I am coming to renew strength, and I will not only rejuvenate and reinstate them, but I will finish their sentences!” I sensed that the Lord was saying that this would be a season for many that had been derailed and disillusioned in the past season to stand back up to their feet and see God fulfil what He promised. He is declaring over you today, “I’m not finished with you yet!”

The New Pages Of A New Day

When I asked the Lord about the new pages I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly, and then heard, “It’s a new day for history to be written!” and I sensed the excitement and joy of the Lord as many wake to a brand new day in the months ahead. The months and months of the Lord bringing healing and closure to so many areas has resulted in hearts that are ready and ripe for God to embark on new adventures, clutter free, with fresh hope and purpose for the days ahead.

It will be days of pioneering in joy and freedom without the religious shackles holding you back. It will be a new day to dream and journey with the Lord, without the burdensome overheads of the past seasons. It’s a new day and a new beginning for many as the Holy Spirit breathes upon the pages of your life afresh. He is asking you today, “Will you allow Me to flood the pages of your life with my goodness? Will you allow Me into your heart afresh to heal, restore, and fill you? Will you leave the past behind and write the pages of history with Me?"

“All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psa 139:16.




Nate and his wife Christy head up a ministry called “Everyday Revivalists.” They are passionate to see God's sons and daughters arise in the truth of their identity in Christ, founded in intimacy with the Father who is deeply in love with His children. Nate and Christy strongly believe in healthy families and aim to revive hearts through prophecy encouragement and truth. Their mission is to equip people to be all that Jesus has destined for them. We believe in a POWERFUL gospel, one that edify’s, uplifts and empowers. It’s time for the sons and daughters to find out who they really are, find their approval in Him alone and emerge in the foundations of love and walk in their royal authority. For more info...


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