by Brian Mitchell

I saw a huge room in heaven that looked somewhat like the inside of a shoe shop. There were rows and rows of shoes of all colours, shapes and sizes. The room was filled with many people sitting down to get fitted with new shoes, and angels were in attendance to go and process their orders. Some people had old shoes that were almost threadbare, while others had shoes that looked only days old. Most people were ordering new shoes that were the same style, colour and size as the ones that they had entered with.

A number of people understood that this event was an invitation to trade up in style and size, and so they were ordering shoes that were ½ to 1 size bigger than their foot size was, and at the same time they were pushing out a bit in the style of shoe.

A few were bolder; they understood that this invitation was more than just a chance for an upgrade. They knew that the time was right to enter fully into all that the Kingdom of heaven had for them and so they were going for the max. Yes, the shoes they were looking at were many times bigger than their feet, and they did not fit them yet, but as they prophetically put them on and started to walk around in them their feet would grow to fit the new shoes.

Now, even today, is the time for upgrade. We cannot see the end time work of God’s Kingdom completed with the anointing of the past, or even the present. Press in, go for the max, ask the Lord for more. MORE! Now is the time to not just turn aside to look at the burning bush, but to become a Holy Spirit burning bush.



Brian Mitchell attends the Grace Vineyard fellowship at New Brighton, Christchurch, with his wife of 32 years, Vicky. Following the reactivation of his giftings after “Father Heart” events a number of years ago he has been led into a deepening of his personal heart, spirit life and getting involved with other prophetic people and events in Christchurch.


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