by Brian Mitchell

“Adjust the trim of your sails, the breeze has changed direction and I hear the sound of a violent rushing wind.”


I first spoke these words to the man sitting in front of me at the fellowship I attend, but as I focused on the words a second time the vision opened before me. I saw what looked like a sailing regatta, sailing vessels of all shapes and sizes, out on the water. Small one-person sailing vessels all the way up to multi mast vessels, with many spectators onboard. Again I saw the words above, and as I did I saw people moving to adjust their sails and direction of travel, while at the same time I saw others who ignored, or did not hear, the command and kept going in the direction they wanted to. Then the breeze quickly changed to a violent rushing wind. Those that had adjusted their sails and direction suddenly found themselves moving at a very fast pace, while those that did not were caught off guard; their vessels start to keel over and they were in danger of capsizing. Some crews jumped into action and raced to change direction, but others could not get to the sails in time due to avoiding their panicked spectators. The vision ended before I saw any vessels lose the fight with the wind.

Since my return from a trip to Israel in September, and born out of that time in Israel, I have been putting more focus into my personal understanding of the person and nature of the Holy Spirit. Every person who is born again has the gift of the Holy Spirit living inside them, but I have been seeking and learning about the resting of the Holy Spirit on people. Jesus, at His baptism, had the Holy Spirit come down and land on Him in the form of a dove. Then that same Holy Spirit drove Jesus to have forty days in the desert. The thought came to me, “Do not do anything to cause the dove to lift from its resting spot.” Then again, another word in Judges 6:34, “The Holy Spirit came upon Gideon.” I received new meaning as I read that; a better way of reading that verse would be, “The Holy Spirit put Gideon on like a glove.” We are already well into a season of increased spiritual pace.  Things that could take years to come about now happen in weeks. In the time that is now upon us the Holy Spirit will blow in ways that we have not seen, or experienced, before. If we are not careful to stay in sync with the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the Holy Spirit we run the risk of keeling over from the violent rushing wind.

So I say again, “Check the trim of your sails. The breeze has changed direction and I hear the sound of a violent rushing wind.”



Brian Mitchell attends the Grace Vineyard fellowship at New Brighton, Christchurch, with his wife of 32 years, Vicky. Following the reactivation of his giftings after “Father Heart” events a number of years ago he has been led into a deepening of his personal heart, spirit life and getting involved with other prophetic people and events in Christchurch.


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