The role of a New Covenant prophet is to work alongside the other five-fold gifts to bring the Church to a place of maturity. It is to train people for their work of ministry, as well as to function in the gift of prophecy themselves, so that the Body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:11,12). It is a servant, governmental role that reveals God’s heart and will, thereby bringing order and structure and establishing Kingdom government and values. This causes prophetic people to grow up into maturity in their gifting, and the Church to grow in the understanding and use of the gift of prophecy.

The NZPN will provide training opportunities for the Body of Christ, run by recognized prophets and other five-fold ministers, through schools and conferences, personal or group mentoring, and media - articles and publications, video clips.

Make sure you check out our articles via the link above. They're a great source of free training and encouragement to help you grow in your prophetic ministry.

As a service to the prophetic community we will also advertise other ministry's or church's prophetic training events being held around the nation.