by Janet Chambers

Several years ago we lived in Central Otago and during that time I purchased contact lenses. I was initially delighted with the clear vision, but then shortly afterwards we entered a season of strong winds that brought so much dirt into the atmosphere that I could only see when I had my sun glasses on.

Better Vision and Greater Clarity

God is speaking to us about an increase in the prophetic giftings in our nation. There is an increase of clarity of vision, there is an increase of the prophets coming together and getting greater clarity together, and greater unity. There is an increase in the volume – a sound that cannot be ignored, and the amount of prophetic words is actually increasing, too.

Winds of Change 

He is also speaking about winds of change. These winds are not gentle breezes but strong forceful winds that will bring a sudden shift, a certain shift, and will cause much dirt and sticks to be thrown up in the air. Just as we are told to remove logs from our own eyes before we remove specks from our brother’s eye, so we will need to be on high alert to potential offenses and misunderstandings during this season of sudden, messy change.

Son Glasses

We will need to be wearing our SON glasses - looking at at each other through the eyes of God’s love, to be able to see at all!

People will change dramatically, and quickly; we must be seeing them through our SON Glasses to recognize and acknowledge the shift in them. We must be aware of NOT locking people into our previous perceptions of them; God is doing a quick and sudden shift, and as revelation hits there will be quick changes in behaviour and attitudes.

I saw people scrambling for the temporal things that were being blown all over the place in the sudden violent wind shift; it will settle down to a steady breeze, but initially there will be confusion and perhaps fear. Keep the SON GLASSES ON!

Pray For Leaders

We need to pray for leaders to sense the shift and prepare for change. Yachts capsize if a sudden shift hits and the crew have not been watching. Yet once the shift has happened, those that are prepared can hoist the sails and make the fastest voyages, having adjusted their sails accordingly. Pray that fear will not immobilize the church in New Zealand, but that we will embrace the shift and change, and guard against offenses and misunderstandings in what could be a very tumultuous but exciting time.



Janet and her husband Wesley have been senior leaders of Living Waters Christian Centre, Christchurch, for 23 years.

Janet ministers nationally and internationally as a teacher/prophet and has a passion for people to hear the heart of God for their lives , cities and nations. She loves to see them rise up and be agents of change for the Kingdom of God. 

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