by Nina James

This prophetic word was shared at the NZ Prophetic Council in Christchurch on 21st Feb 2019.

There is a cry from within the hearts of mankind for a new wineskin, a new way. 

There has been a frustration, even to a place of agony, as many mindsets and systems which have been previously comfortable are now being dismantled and blown up. 

This generation is crying out, “I can’t do the same old anymore!” 

I hear a call resonating throughout the earth for truth, for the real. 

I hear the words trumpeting from heaven - 

“Will the real man please stand up! Not an imitation, not a clone of another and not artificial. Yes, that’s you! Stand up and come out from behind the wall, that wall of shame, the wall of having to have everything altogether. Stand up! Yes you, the weak man, the broken man, the one who doesn’t have all the answers, the empty man, the one who is not afraid to share his pain or the discouragement of past winter seasons. Let me see your true self. Do I not see you already? 

2019 is a year to get connected to our HEARTS. 

I am calling you to practice transparency, as this is the heart cry of the people of this generation. 

These are my new breed of ministers, my sons and daughters who I have prepared in hidden places. They have been broken by life's trials, rejected, and who now walk in humility - clothed in power and My grace.  

You are in the midst of a great shift and transition in the body of Christ. I am taking down the facade and breathing life into the dead bones that have lain dormant in My house for a long time.  The flawless public facade that has masked a private despair is coming to an end. The world is crying out for an authentic faith, one that is founded in grace, hope and love.  The world is weary and tired of heroes without humility. 

I have prepared many in the valley of Bacca. They have been crushed, broken and emptied out of themselves and have come to a place where they have a renewed heart, a fresh revelation and an increase of My love - even in their own personal messes. 

I will show them off like hidden jewels in My crown because their desire is to get to the HEART of things! They are verified and unfeigned – qualified to move and minister to those who are empty but don’t know it, those who are lost but don’t know it, those who are running from Me because they have not tasted of My great love. 

New Zealand, 2019 will be a year of multitudes coming to know Me through new initiatives. New ideas, new business ideas, new inventions, new ways of ministering, and new ways to do church are going to come out of New Zealand. Be bold and courageous to walk out in these new ways. 

Don’t listen to the naysayers; let the words of the religious wash off you as you move out in the new! 

New Zealand you are a pioneering nation! You will introduce new ideas and methods. You will spearhead My Kingdom initiatives, which have been on hold for this season in time. You will begin to establish ‘firsts’! I have given you a huge dose of creativity and vision and through these you will create many ‘Firsts’! From these islands the new births will touch the nations. Let your wildest dreams and imaginations flow. Trust that I will lead you by My Spirit and fly high! 

The time for hiding your true self has finished. This generation is not afraid and they yearn for the authentic. They understand that it is God who arms them with strength and makes their way perfect. (Psalm 18:32). 

Let me see your true self!” 



David and Nina James pastor the Mission Fellowship and oversee the local church in Nelson. They have three daughters. David and Nina are a diverse mix of apostolic and prophetic gifting. David comes from a creative industries background and carries an anointing to build and advance the local church. Nina clearly speaks the Word of the Lord into the life of the church and saints. She also continues in successful business as a real estate agent. Both are invested in the move of God that affects and influences every sphere of society.
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