by Janet Chambers

The Lord led me down a garden path and began to show me certain aspects of the garden that were indicative of the year 2018.

At first we went past an area where all the plants had gone 'to seed'. It was deliberate, and they were arrayed in such a way that their form was shown off as a display of beauty. Together we marvelled at the seed heads on the onions and other plants.

They were a symbolic picture of those who have felt like they have missed their harvest season, they think that they are ‘past their time’. But God is saying that they are about to be shown off for all their beauty, they are just now coming into what they were fashioned to be; this season in their lives is the season they were created for. There was also the abundance of seed on them all, speaking of a great season of reproducing themselves, which is right upon them now.

Next we went past stones that were piled up and these were those who had been cast aside as being of a 'stony heart' and too stubborn. They were being picked up and used to form a pathway, carefully integrated together, being handled tenderly. They were all white and had received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and now, instead of being discarded, as they had been by the body of Christ in general, they were being used by Him to form a straight way, a way that the unsaved would be able to walk on. These ones were going to be used by the Lord specifically in evangelism. They were tough enough that they wouldn't be bruised or broken when trodden on, but would remain steadfast and show the way clearly to the Saviour.

I saw many water lilies being planted into a large pond. They were ones who were so tender and just needed to soak in His Presence constantly. There was a specific place for them.  They had been discarded by man, as being too needy or of no practical use, but they were being planted into the medium of water, with protective banks; together they were going to make a glorious display. Some were beginning to bloom, but many of them were only baby plants. There was an appreciation of what their form and function was, and they were valued in a new way, gathered and established in what they were created for. I knew that they were the ones who have been scoffed at by some, for always 'soaking in His Presence' but they were coming into their own time of flourishing, and being seen and appreciated for who they actually are.

I saw goats penned up in a holding pen, no longer allowed to roam freely through the garden, nibbling off the tender shoots. There was a 'play on words' here.  Unbelief and fears, doubt and mistrust, were being held back where they belonged by the written Word of God; it was being used in a fresh way to hold back. As it was declared and decreed it became a holding pen and protected the garden, and what was to develop in it, in 2018.

We walked on a pathway that looked like moss; it felt soft and tender under our feet. It was made of millions of baby plants formed together – a network of them. They made a pathway into the Kingdom, so that those who had broken or bruised feet, those who were lame, or came in crawling on their hands and knees, could come into relationship with Jesus. They were a children’s movement. There is to be a network of children’s ministries, perhaps a resurgence of children’s gospel clubs, but children who love the Lord gathering together and forming a network that will evangelise, and that will allow many who are broken to come to the Lord in a way that is gentle and non-assuming, tender and non-confronting, and very, very effective.

There was a lettuce patch and the phrase “Come let us adore Him” was coming from it. They were refreshing and sweet, and there is to be a resurgence of adoration and a sweetness in praise in 2018 that will bring refreshing to the Body of Christ. There was a sense of something old being presented in a fresh way that ushered in choruses of adoration.

The fragrance of Honeysuckle filled the garden, and there will be a fresh sense of experiencing Jesus “who tastes like honey”, a fresh season of experiencing the sweetness of His presence and this appreciation of His presence will be carried on the wind , over walls and over borders. No famine, war, earthquake or disaster could hold back the fragrance from permeating the atmosphere.

Forget–me–not bordered the garden, and we are to pay special attention in 2018 to “forget not all His benefits”, and to consistently thank Him. The power of the testimony of His goodness and faithfulness will ‘border’ many of the other things that we see in this season. It will usher in many of the other elements of 2018.

Lavender bloomed, going to seed in some places of the garden, and was in full bloom in other parts. It was signifying the deliverance ministry. There will be deliverance ministries in 2018 that come into full bloom. They bring deliverance of pests and biting things in the garden and bring healing and peace. There will be those who 'go to seed' and will be dispersed throughout the Kingdom of God in a way that is more prolific than what we have seen before. The seeds were going to be transported and exported; we will see in 2018 deliverance ministry being 'packaged’ in a new way, to be utilised through the church and the world in an 'easy to use' form.



Janet and her husband Wesley have been senior leaders of Living Waters Christian Centre, Christchurch, for 23 years.

Janet ministers nationally and internationally as a teacher/prophet and has a passion for people to hear the heart of God for their lives , cities and nations. She loves to see them rise up and be agents of change for the Kingdom of God. 

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