by Lyn Packer

While I was in worship I saw a vision of a landscape. There were deeply forested bush-covered mountains that came down to a body of water. Half way up the sides of the mountains a thin layer of cloud sat/hovered/vibrated over the land, as if brooding over it. I could see the mountains above and below the layer of cloud. Suddenly I found myself in the bush amongst the trees and I saw Totara trees spring up from the forest floor. They went from seed to full-grown in an instant, and yet I understood that even though they were fully grown, they were still young trees. It was the birth of a new thing. Then I saw the Totaras pull their roots up out of the soil and start to walk across the nation. Next the scene shifted and I saw Maori people come out of their Maraes, their meeting places and their homes, up and down the nation, and turn their heads and lift their ears. I realized they were responding to hearing the sound of the Totaras walking.

As I prayed into the vision I understood the Lord to be saying this; that He is raising up new Maori prophets. These prophets will arise quickly and will be mature in stature, even though they seem to come onto the scene quickly. They will move up and down the nation and the Maori will respond to them because they carry the sound of the land, and the sound of the Father's love, in them. The sound of the land refers to an authentic expression of us as a nation that is not imported from another nation. It is not referring to new songs, but a frequency that emanates and resonates from us as a nation; that is the frequency of the Father's love.



Lyn is recognised as a Prophet within New Zealand and other nations she’s ministered in. Her ministry is revelatory and catalytic, propelling people into encounter with God. The governmental prophetic gift she carries is expressed through prophetic, revelatory insight and strategy, prophetic words (personal, corporate and national), teaching, art, and writing. Click here for more info...

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