by Lyn Packer

August 2015

Last year I had a dream that impacted me greatly and set me on a course of seeking the Lord in a fresh way for my part in what He was doing in these days. One of the out-workings of that dream for me, personally, has been the establishing of the New Zealand Prophetic Network.

Dreams are a common way the Lord speaks and they often have great significance. Take note of your dreams and learn to interpret them; they will show you many things about your personal life and your assignments from the Lord. There are many good dream interpretation training materials and opportunities out there. Here’s a link to some prophetic and dream interpretation schools that we run at Live Training Events

The Dream

In this dream I was living in a town that was positioned at the base of several large hills. The hills were well known rain catchment areas that fed streams and rivers that ran down into the bay where the town was situated. The town was about to undergo massive amounts of growth and new construction that would spread out along the valley and into the hills. In the dream I was a part of a group of governmental figures that were concerned that the town’s infrastructure be strong enough, so it could sustain the growth. A small group of us were standing on a nearby hill overlooking the town and doing some survey work, as a part of working through some of the concerns we had. One area of the town, in particular, was in an especially low lying area and we were concerned that the massive construction work would expose this area and make it prone to flooding.

On waking I immediately realized that what I’d just been dreaming had powerful prophetic significance. As I prayed into this dream and its meaning I realized that it was about the Church in our nation, taking stock of where it’s at, strategising for the strengthening of infrastructure and foundations, and preparing for new growth. I recognised that the group of people standing on the hill represented those in governmental positions of authority (the five-fold gifts – Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists). As I prayed I felt the Lord unfold the following insights to me.

The Lord is moving upon the hearts of His leaders in a new way in order to bring them together to confer with one another regarding the state of the church. This may happen in large gatherings or it may happen as individuals meet with each other. The Lord has multiple ways that this can take place, and no one way is the right, or only, way for that process to take place.

It represents a working together and oneness of heart with each other and the Lord. Out of that coming together will come a strategising about how we can move forward in the coming years.

In the dream that coming together took place on a high hill; that represents the place of higher perspective or the place of seeing from a heavenly perspective from the Lord’s vantage point.

With that recognition there will be a repenting for our independence and, at times, suspicion of each other, and there will be a new commitment to loving each other and laying down our lives for each other.

The five-fold minister's calling is primarily to serve the Church in this way; to help bring the Church to a place of maturity, equipping and training them for their work of ministry, thus ensuring that the Church is built up and is functioning correctly.

I see a strategising together as to how best to train the Body and bring them to maturity. I see a laying down of leaders' lives and personal ambitions and dreams for the greater good. This doesn’t mean that individual churches won’t have individual vision, but it means seeing beyond ourselves and working for the greater release of the Kingdom.

I see hope and faith rising in the church as a result; people dreaming big dreams, stepping out in them and God’s favour being on them. I see multiple birthings of ministries that touch and bring change on a community level.  Glorious mature sons and daughters are taking their place in the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is expanding in every direction as lives are changed, families are strengthened, the economy is bolstered and secure as the Church becomes the blessing she is supposed to be.

May God strengthen you to pray and believe for a greater working together for His glory as a result of this word.



Lyn is recognised as a Prophet within New Zealand and other nations she’s ministered in. Her ministry is revelatory and catalytic, propelling people into encounter with God. The governmental prophetic gift she carries is expressed through prophetic, revelatory insight and strategy, prophetic words (personal, corporate and national), teaching, art, and writing. Click here for more info...

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