by Otto Roverts

In a vision I saw myself at my local church on a Sunday morning. Everyone was singing, but then I heard a different sound, not of this world. It sounded like a trumpet. Other people became aware of this new sound. They wanted to go and buy trumpets and blow the trumpets to try and copy this heavenly sound. I felt God's Spirit rise up within me and I shouted, "NO! This sound is not to be copied. This sound is calling us deeper into the Father's presence."

Some people didn't listen and they went and bought trumpets and blew them, and worshipped the sound rather than the sound-giver. Other people did listen and entered deeper into the Father's presence.

Behind the heavenly sound was a second sound - the sound of silence. The heavenly sound stopped, and the silence took over, but the trumpet blowers ignored the silence and kept trying to reproduce the first heavenly sound. "STOP!", I shouted. "There is silence in heaven, so you should be silent also." But they kept on playing, kept on trying to reproduce the first heavenly sound.

Then I saw a group of people waking up who started following the trumpet blowers. In the vision I heard myself say to them with urgency, "Don't follow the trumpet blowers. They are leading you astray. Follow the silence. The silence will lead you into the Father's heart."

Then there was a terrible shaking, like the shaking of the earth, and the trumpet blowers couldn't blow their trumpets anymore for fear gripped their hearts as they were shaken this way and that. But the people who had entered deeper into the Father's presence were not afraid of the shaking, but were radiant. They were then sent out in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation (Phil. 2:14-15), shining as lights.

A while later I heard the Lord say:

"Many false sounds shall arise. Many false sounds that may sound like heaven, but are not. These sounds will try to deceive the elect, and many will be deceived. People shall run after this sound, and after that sound. These sounds lead away from the heart of the Father. They did not come from Me. There is only ONE sound you need to hear at this time", says the Lord. "It is the sound of a Heartbeat. Mine."

At this I wept and sat stunned for a while, just feeling real empty. I said, "Lord, that's what I want. I want to be so close that I can hear your Heartbeat". I continued to sit there, feeling empty, and said again, "I want to be close to Your Heart." "You already are", He replied. "It's just that you're not listening." So I stilled myself even more and then I heard it - the unmistakeable, unshakeable heartbeat of the Father resonating in my spirit.

I believe that this is a word for the prophetic leaders of this nation, that our wonderful Father is calling us into greater intimacy with Him, which also sharpens our sense of discernment. That is the only safeguard against the deception of false sounds. I also felt that the prophetic leaders would also give a voice to give the same warnings that I gave in the vision, to not follow the false sound.



Otto Roverts is married, with 4 adult children, and lives in Christchurch. His day job involves working in an electricity company looking after their IT needs. He  is a member of Grace Vineyard Beach Campus where he serves as part of the Prayer Ministry team and the Welcome team. In term 3 he will be involved in teaching a Prophetic Training course at his church.

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