by Andre Mik

Normally when I seek the Lord I sit with Him, worship Him, listen to Him and share my heart with Him.  During these times of intimacy with Him I often write down what I sense the Lord is sharing with me. The morning I received this word was one of those typical sessions in which I spend time with Him enjoying His presence.  And I could sense He was enjoying spending time with me!  This intimate exchange is, for me, one of the highlights of my relationship with Him!  

At some point during this session I suddenly felt a strong urge to pick up my pen and grab my journal.  As I did, words began to come to me almost faster than I could write them down.  Even when I had to pause to relax the muscles in my hand, due to the strain of writing so fast to keep up with the words, the words kept coming until the word was complete.  None of these words were the result of careful meditation or studying the Bible, even though the result does almost seem to be a series of verses.  Normally when I pray or ask God something I receive impressions or a picture or a thought.  However, in this instance, a consistent flow of words came to me very clearly which was unusual to me.  The experience lasted maybe only 5 minutes.  

The Word

Draw near to Me and I will reveal Myself and speak to your heart.  You will know Me as you draw near to Me.  Have faith as I turn everything upside down!  There is a shaking coming to the world, and even to New Zealand, that will cause people to consider Me.  Many will turn to Me as this happens.

Kingdom will rise against kingdom and nation against nation.  There will be great unrest among many people, but as they draw near to Me I will draw near to them, and in Me they will find refuge.  I will rescue them as they draw near to Me.  The wind of My Spirit will draw them in, and many people around the world will see my Glory as never before.  My light will shine and darkness will not be able to overcome it.  I will put my Spirit over all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophecy.  Get ready, My Bride, for a time is coming where everything that can be shaken will be shaken!  But I will pour out My goodness over every person that puts their hope in Me.

Do not fear this coming time, rather embrace it!  For many will come to Me and it will be the greatest outpouring this world has ever seen!  Draw close to Me so that you will not be shaken!  Find solid ground in Me – the Rock.  Fear not for I will be with you always, even to the end of the age.

The Application

I do not claim to know the full meaning of everything in this word, but after praying about it I received the following impressions:  The coming shaking in the world is to be a shaking of things that people have put their trust in (other than Jesus).   These are things like money, wealth, position, status, etc.  I believe God is going to shake the lives of many at a scale not seen before, and as these shakings come, these ‘false gods’ will be exposed for what they are - false.   As a result people will open up for the gospel and many will to put their faith in Him.  Only when we put our faith in Jesus, the Rock, do we truly find solid ground.

Some years ago I had a dream where a man came to me and said: “I am an angel of God and I have the following message for you: Difficult times will come and you will often look back on these days as the good times, but as darkness increases my light will increase even more!”  This dream was repeated three times during that same night.   

I believe that the current word is in line with the words in the dream.  I believe a time is coming where darkness will increases but God’s light shall increase even more, and many will come into the Kingdom as a result.  God did not show me how, or when, these things would happen, but my sense is that this is about to happen in the near future.  And, rather than fearing this time, we should be excited about it, as it will result in a great harvest.

Finally, I feel strongly that the phrase “I will put my Spirit over all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophecy”will be taken to a level not seen before.  Yes, we have seen this as part of the Pentecost, and yes, this has happened many times in the past.  However, I believe in my heart that He is going to pour out His Spirit in a way that we have not yet seen before and it will truly be on all flesh, believers and unbelievers.

Those are the impressions I received with regards to the above word.  God may give you different revelations as you pray further into it.  The Bible says that we all know in part and prophecy in part.  




André Mik was born in the Netherlands as the son of a Pentecostal pastor who was actively planting churches.  During his teenage years André turned his back on God until he came to know Jesus as his saviour after a powerful conversion experience in 1994. 

Since that time André has been sharing his testimony in many places, including television and churches across the Netherlands and New Zealand.  He is passionate about reaching the lost, developing a deeper intimacy with God and helping others grow in intimacy with God. 

André has been serving as an elder in the River of Life Centre in Lower Hutt for a number of years, where both he and his wife are involved in a prophetic ministry. Click here for more info...

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