by Ian Johnson

In August 2010 I had a vivid dream. In the dream I was in a room where the prophets Amos and Ezekiel were sitting in council. I just knew that the council was regarding the nations and God's plan for them.

The significance of the two prophets is that they both measure in the Word. Amos was given a plum line and Ezekiel a measure stick. It became clear in the dream that the Lord's plan was about to come forth.

The measuring was to determine that which needs to be established or changed in the nations to bring the plan to pass. It was also clear that the Lord will cause every barrier standing against His plan to be laid low, like there was no more time to wait.

Over this past weekend (October 2015) we had a conference in South Auckland in an area that up until 2007 I led a Church we had planted there 10 years before. It was noticeable to me over this weekend that many of the Churches that were strong and flourishing in the area in 2007 are now gone - closed down or moved away. This is true of everywhere in the earth right now as the measuring line and plumb lines have been cast across the nations. The last 5 years in particular have been years of turmoil for many ministries and Churches.

WHY? Because change must come to the government of the Church. The Lord has been positioning his Sons in the right places to receive an outpouring of Kingdom government, and heaven is merging with the earth. I call the last few years the Amos/Ezekiel years. In these years some churches have shifted their thinking from Church age to Kingdom age, and although they have been in turmoil they have survived. Others, who were not prepared to change, have gone, still others started walking in the change, but in recent months have retreated back into what felt safe.

The Lord spoke to me in January 2015 about those in retreat - He said, "They have come to a crossroads and in many cases they taken a wrong turn. Don't despair, they will see the error of their ways and return, but not before I bring one last shake to the systems of the Church and of this world."

God is resolute in His moving forward to the revealing of His Sons in the earth.. If your security is in systems or movements right now, look up because the centre of your security is about to shift out of this realm and into the government of heaven. If you chose not to move with the cloud you will get sunburnt by day and cold by night.

The cloud is continuing to move and as obedient Sons we must move with the cloud. There is now no time to waste; we must position ourselves under the influence of His glory cloud.

It is interesting that in Numbers 9:22 it says "Sometimes the cloud stayed for a few days and sometimes it moved overnight." 

The key right now is to move with the cloud. It is an accelerated time of change in the Kingdom right now.  To understand that your security is not in a ministry, a system, a doctrine or a Church, but your security is found in HIS LOVE for you.

Don't go back to what you know (default Mode) but step into His Love and drink deep of His fountain of goodness.

Things that can be shaken will be shaken, but that which cannot be shaken will remain. His love is unwavering and is still the benchmark to measure all kingdom advance, and the raising up of Sons. Dont be tempted in this season of shaking to run back to an old governmental structure...Fasten your seat belts, adjust your crash helmets and dive into His love....

In another encounter I saw Habakkuk with a clock and a staff raised. It's time for scrolls sealed until the time of the end to be revealed... God said to Habakkuk "If I told you what I was about to do no one would believe it - So seal it up until the time of the end." Scrolls are being opened because of the day we find ourselves in. There is no turning back, only forward into His love.

People are talking about Kingdom, about fire, about glory, and many other things that are relevant to this new season, but we cant establish a new building on the old foundations; the old foundations won't take the weight of the glory that is about to come. Many that are talking the talk right now are still standing on old governmental foundations, and these must go. 

One person at the conference said something very pertinent concerning a Church going back into the old. He said "This church had crossed over the Jordan but then had turned around and gone back to the other side, now they are facing the wrong way, but they think they are still moving forward." This absolutely sums up where I see things right now. The ones looking the wrong way thinking that they crossed over are starting to oppose those who have truly crossed over.

Its going to be good, so Look up.....





Ian Johnson is an itinerant prophetic revelator and revivalist from Auckland, teaching and activating with fresh mana from the Word. He and his wife, Joye, minister together, encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.

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