by Sue Nesbit

God showed me a revolving door into a room. God was inside the room. He was seated. Light emanated from Him. Love swirled all around Him. Angels were coming and going. They were focused on their eternal tasks. Waves of glory rolled around the room like the waves of the sea. People were entering the room to be with God. Love and intimacy flowed as each person related with Him. Beautiful!

Then I noticed people approaching the door. As they approached, they hesitated. Some of them were wringing their hands. I saw much anguish in their hearts. Their hearts were bleeding and they stood alone in their pain. Some had veils of shame over their eyes and hearts. They were too shamed to enter through the door despite their deep yearning.

Some who approached the door had arrows lodged in their heads. The arrows were lodged in different places and at different angles, particularly around the eyes and ears. Written on the arrows was the word "Lies." Some had ropes of condemnation tied around their bodies. Some marched forward with armour on the front of their bodies. For a moment I thought it was the amour of the Lord but then I realised it was the armour of pride, false protection and false strength. People continued to approach. Many had crutches. Fear was their crutch. Some rolled up in wheelchairs. Three words floated around them – "Fear," "Self-pity" and "Rejection."

There were more people coming but they stopped before they arrived at the door and turned away because they couldn't face the Lord. The word "Failure" was swirling around them and the voice of the enemy was declaring, "Failure! Failure!" Every direction they turned failure was boxing them in. It was before them. It was beside them. It was over them. Around their heads and feet were ropes of lies and condemnation. Their arms hung limply at their sides in defeat as a lizard like creature was sucking faith out of their hearts.

Many of those approaching the door had been faithful. They had stepped out in faith. They had pleased God by taking risks for Him. Intense warfare had risen up against them. Many had stood against the onslaught for a season but they became weary and were overcome by the lies and the darkness of the enemy who wanted to stop them doing damage to his kingdom.

Next I saw many hurting saints on their knees praying and declaring the Word. These saints included young and old, new believers and seasoned warriors. I saw God's love and mercy reaching out and His presence being poured over them. I saw the Word of God being released, breaking lies, bringing freedom and healing. They rose up with healed hearts and with strength went through the door into the fullness of intimacy with God.

God put robes of royalty on them – robes of love, robes of royal love, robes of wholehearted love. He released many mantles. The mantles were full of authority, revelation, truth, faith, deliverance and healing.

Finally I saw Him release fiery mantles for souls. Those who wore these mantles carried the heart of God and revelation for the lost.



Pastor Sue Nesbit: God has used Sue to release His revival presence in several nations. Her greatest desire is for the body of Christ to experience the profound reality and limitless depths of their supernatural God. She has received several powerful prophetic encounters from God in which He alerted her to the critical time in which we live, and the absolute necessity for the church to be ready. Her message ignites prophetic destiny and fearless love. Sue is a pastor at Fire and Destiny Centre, Dunedin and Celebration Church, Mosgiel.For more info... 

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