by Ian Johnson

Taupo is the Demographic Centre of New Zealand with 50% of the population living north and 50% living south of the lake side town. I have called Taupo “The Heart” of NZ. In the past couple of days the towns main sewerage line burst at the lakefront and raw sewerage spilled into the pristine waters polluting the lake. The cleanup is underway. On speaking to a friend from Taupo this morning I got understanding that the pollution of sewerage was some how prophetic. Praying into it today I saw that this spill and cleanup represents the heart of our nation. I saw that the hidden polluted heart in our nation was about to burst open and that many things hidden were about to suddenly be revealed. This is not to destroy our nation but to enable a correction and clean up to align with the Father’s heart in this hour. Motivation and hidden agendas at a government level will be revealed suddenly in the days to come. Don’t worry, it’s not a disaster but the love of God about to be revealed as He cleans up the heart of the nation.

Note from Lyn Packer:

While watching the news a few days ago I saw an article about Taupo's sewer line breaking and leaking into the lake. I felt this was important at the time, but then forgot to ask the Lord more about it. When this word from Ian came through it reminded me of the feeling I had when I'd viewed the news article. As I prayed I felt that another aspect that Ian didn't mention was important in this whole picture. The reason the sewer line broke was because the main water line broke, causing the land to subside and the sewer line to then break.

I felt that the water line spiritually represented a breakdown in that which carries the living water of life. This flow was able to be diverted because a fault in that pipeline caused the water to be spilled or wasted instead of being poured into the places it was meant for. This spillage resulted in subsidence in the land around it. This allowed the sewerage which had been contained (that which is pollution and toxic when you come in contact with it) to be spilled, out defiling the waters of Lake Taupo, which, as Ian says, represents the heart of our nation. If there is a breakdown in that which carries the living water it will affect all around it, including the fabric of the nation.

We need to look at the state of our living water pipes (our lives as Christians). Are we clean, clear and keeping our flow happening well, or have we let our upkeep slip? Is our flow being diverted, and in that happening, are we letting cracks develop that will cause later problems?



Ian Johnson is an itinerant prophetic revelator and revivalist from Auckland, teaching and activating with fresh mana from the Word. He and his wife, Joye, minister together, encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.

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