by Heather Gullery

I have been hearing and saying the words 'Restore, restore, restore' for some time now, but it has been a lot over the past month. I had a dream on 4th Sept 2017 about waves of restoration in the Body of Christ in Christchurch. One company of people were restored first and then went to get the next wave and so on. The first lot were so happy about what God had showed them to do; there was great joy in it all. Some of the ones being restored had been away from the body of Christ for 25 plus years and some for not so long. Ones who had said "I will never go to a church again" came in on this  massive wave of  restoration. 

I have been seeing for some weeks the NZ and Australian flags dancing with each other with Fire around both their borders. I have been asking God to show me what it's about and today He said, "Dancing is about intimacy. These Nations are going to become like dancing partners who are even intimate with each other." 

I saw a door that was shut with a wedge of wood holding it tightly shut. Then I saw an open door with the same wedge holding it wide open so that it couldn't shut. I felt that it was the door between Christchurch and the Gold Coast. The enemy has sought to shut the door between these two powerful cities but God has the path open now for His purposes, and the door will not be able to be shut again. It's about souls; it's harvest time in both these cities and they will both be calling for partners.

There will be many ministers going back and forth between these two cities helping each other to bring in the nets that are bursting. I believe that it's time for prophetic teams; together we can do more, and we will celebrate each other's unique gifts in this season. Many will become obvious as SPECIALISTS in their field, and the work load will be shared because of the strategic nature of what God is going to lay out and set up in this season.

Luke 5:6,7 "And when they had done this ,they caught a great number of fish ,and their net was breaking. So they SIGNALLED TO THEIR PARTNERS in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and FILLED BOTH BOATS, so that they began to sink." 



Heather Gullery leads TARGETS ABLAZE MINISTRIES, a revival ministry based in Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand. She has a life story that has produced a refreshing direct approach to ministry and is in increasing demand as a prophetic, healing and evangelistic preacher.  The depth of ministry experience exhibited by Heather reveals a woman who for many years has been committed to serving in Prison Ministry in a number of positions and roles and serving in a local church as a Community Outreach Co-ordinator.  Heather is also a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School Of Fire.

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