by Lynley Allan

This prophetic word was given at the Christchurch Prophetic Round Table meeting in November 2017.

I was reminded of when God sent Samuel to Jesse to anoint a new king; Jesse brought out his seven sons but God said that none of them were the one.  Jesse sent for David and when Samuel saw David, God said, "Rise and anoint him, this is the one." (1 Samuel 16). I believe New Zealand is a type of David in the global arena. We’re not the biggest, the most powerful, but the Lord is saying to New Zealand -

“I am anointing you now to walk in Kingly authority.  I am releasing a specific anointing upon you for influence, and the wisdom I bestow upon you will reach the ears of nations, and you will become a guiding light in times of trouble. I have heard the cry for justice and I am bringing about change, says the Lord, to do what has been eroded. I am redeeming your call as pioneers who break through and establish new initiatives that bring change and lead the way. I am establishing you in the nations as a light that shines with My Glory. I will shine upon you and nations will come to your light (Isaiah 60:3) to seek wisdom and strategy for answers to social issues that are destroying their nations.”

”You may be small in size in the eyes of others, but in My eyes you are mighty, for your heart is strong and your heart is humble, and I will use you to confound the wise. I am about to release power upon you like you have not seen before and I am raising up my army amongst your political and social justice areas to establish My blueprints in your land, and then the nations of the world. “



Lynley and Stuart Allan are Senior Pastors of Catch The Fire Auckland Church and are on fire to see revival sweep this nation. Lynley has ministered internationally for over 15 years teaching and activating people in the prophetic and most recently birthed a School of Revelation in Toronto in 2016. She is a recognised prophetic voice and is part of the Catch The Fire World Prophetic Counsel who have a mandate to shape the prophetic culture of the movement. Lynley is passionate to raise up healthy prophetic voices that accurately communicate the heart beat of Father God. She carries an anointing for transformation and sees many released into Sonship through her ministry. Click here for more info...