by Otto Roverts

This vision was received during 'The Call' Prophetic Conference at Taupo on Queen's Birthday weekend 2017.

During worship on the Friday night I had a vision of a person wearing black camouflaged perfectly against a black wall. In fact the person seemed to be right in the wall. While we were singing and worshipping, the camouflaged person's lips were moving as he/she worshipped also. That is all you could see of that person. No-one saw that person except for me and only when the lips moved.

At first I thought this vision related to false prophecy and I rebuked the lie that I thought this represented. However our Father graciously pointed out the error of my interpretation. After realising my error,  I felt the Holy Spirit say that the camouflaged person in the wall represents those with strong prophetic gifts who are faithfully serving in their churches, who are not normally seen (in the walls) yet are part of the structure of their churches, who are hidden in this nation, even hidden from the established prophets, but who God has called to be released into the prophetic ministry.

I felt that it is a time of release. I see many, many people stepping out of the shadows and walls (hidden places) in this nation and I can hear the air crackling with the power of their declarations and the words of prophecy from the throne of God that they utter.

Wow - there is going to be such an incredible mighty move of God in this land, raising up a unified army of prophets who will change the atmosphere over cities and regions, who will usher in church unity which the enemy greatly fears. 



Otto Roverts is married, with 4 adult children, and lives in Christchurch. His day job involves working in an electricity company looking after their IT needs. He  is a member of Grace Vineyard Beach Campus where he serves as part of the Prayer Ministry team and the Welcome team. In term 3 he will be involved in teaching a Prophetic Training course at his church.

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