by Nina James

This prophetic word was given by Nina James at a Prophets Hui in Auckland in November 2012.

I saw in the skies, a wind and on the wind, the people of God. They were sitting back on the wind which was almost like a cloud carrying them. I could see angels underneath these pockets of wind, who had been assigned to carry the wind. The Lord said to me, “The wind is my Spirit.” I could see some of His people wrestling, but others were lying back, just being carried by the wind. Their arms and legs were limp because they trusted the wind. They trusted the blowing of the Lord on the wind to be able to carry them into the places He was wanting them to go. I could see the ones who were wrestling, the ones that hadn’t fully laid their lives down for the purposes of the King, because they were still struggling to do the things of their own choosing.

But it was the ones who were limp and were able to trust God and relax on that wind that the Lord would be able to come and breathe on. As He breathed into that wind, as He breathed onto that cloud-like thing, the people were carried into the places throughout New Zealand that He wanted them to be. They stepped out of that wind into the spheres of influence that the Lord had for them. They stepped onto the ground and gold emanated from them. The presence of God was carried out of them. Everywhere they went, they transformed the place because of the presence that came out of them. The key thing the Lord said to me was, “Many wrestle on that cloud; many wrestle in that wind because they haven’t fully got themselves to a place where they trust me flowing through them and blowing them into those places.”

I could see some of those people wrestled because they thought, “God I thought you wanted me to go this way, I thought you wanted me to do that, I thought you wanted to send me here, I thought that you were going to call me there,” and because of the wrestling God was unable to take them exactly where He wanted. It was the difference between fully laying down their lives and trusting God, to half-pie doing it.

"God I pray for your sons and your daughters in this nation, that they would fully lie down on the cloud, that they would trust You even if they heard You call them one way, one moment and then if You brought about a change in the next week, that they would be open to hear and to flow with You. God,  that if You’ve sent them somewhere one moment, but then changed and sent them another place another moment, that they would be free to follow Your Spirit, free to hear Your voice and to fly and to flow wherever You want them to go."



David and Nina James pastor the Mission Fellowship and oversee the local church in Nelson. They have three daughters. David and Nina are a diverse mix of apostolic and prophetic gifting. David comes from a creative industries background and carries an anointing to build and advance the local church. Nina clearly speaks the Word of the Lord into the life of the church and saints. She also continues in successful business as a real estate agent. Both are invested in the move of God that affects and influences every sphere of society.
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