by Lorraine Hagen

These two prophetic words were given by Lorraine Hagen at a Prophets Hui in Auckland in November 2012.

Prophetic Word 1

Something has changed in the spirit over the nation. For years we’ve been crying out to the Lord to come and things have been released and coming down from heaven, but that cry has been for the time we’ve been in. It’s been us calling out “Come, Oh God, come.” It’s like we’ve been offering the nation to Him, we’ve been crying out as we’ve become more and more aware of our great need for Him in this nation, not just as individuals but as a nation.

I saw as we began worshiping, a complete change over, in time and the Lord said, “I have come, I have come”.  It’s not a time to call out and say, “Come,” anymore; He says “I’ve come”. It’s almost like “Coming ready or not.”  He says “I have come”. I believe it’s a monumental change, such as when Jesus walked around and did great things but they were still waiting for the Messiah, then He had come. The veil was ripped and something has been ripped over the nation. It’s probably going to take us years to see what’s come, but there has been a monumental shift in the Spirit. The Lord has come for His purposes. He will use this nation in His global purposes. It is time because of the global situation. Yes we are right to call out and call and call that He would use us, but now He says “I have come.  Now I have come and things are going to move sovereignly, whereas they came in the past in answer to your call, now they are going to move sovereignly. I have come in this nation –  I am going to shift and reposition things, put them into right places, right networks, right positioning in every way for my global purposes. This is the day for your nation; this is the day that I have come to take up residence because of the call of the rest of the earth. I have heard you, but now I come because it is time for the rest of the earth and it is time for New Zealand to be positioned and show the Lord strong and mighty. The Lord strong and mighty has come; the gates have been opened.” The Lord God Almighty says, “I have come”.

Prophetic Word 2

This nation is going to be a sending nation again. In the past we thought we were such a sending nation. Out of New Zealand went many missionaries to do all sorts of things but the Lord is saying He has pulled the numbers back, waiting for the new time, waiting for the new wine skin,  for this day! He is going to call apostolic ministers out of this nation. They are going to go in answer to the cry of “Come over here. Bring the prototype that you have in New Zealand”. He is going to use us like the number eight wire thing that will break through the religious ways and the religious formulas and the set patterns in which people have been concreted. There is going to come a sending time from New Zealand of apostles sent out on answer to the Lord, to release the glory, to release the church into being the sons of God all around the nations. In the past we have called for many to come here to help us.  But now the Lord says, “Out of the change in the spiritual weather over the nation, you will now be the sent ones. You will go with great authority and release things in places and release the blueprint of the prototype of the sons of God.”

It will be a prototype of how to raise up the sons of God, how to release the sons of God, how to send out the sons of God. The Lord said, “I have chosen you because you are at the bottom of nowhere, that it will be only Me." We will go out with more keys than we’ve had before, we will go out with more spiritual luggage than we’ve ever had before, it will be far too much for one person to be carrying and so it will be clearly God.



Lorraine Hagen is the apostle of The Mission and the ministries that flow out from this work. As a general in the army of God, Lorraine leads both national and international initiatives, including training and equipping schools, prophetic gatherings, and mission work in Zimbabwe, India and Fiji. She significantly inputs into the Mission Fellowship in Nelson and Mission North in Whangaparaoa.
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