by Cindy Ruakere

This prophetic word was given by Cindy Ruakere at a Prophets Hui in Auckland in November 2012.

I’ve had this picture and I’ve been aware of it for a little while. When you travel around the country you see that there is definitely a move starting to build in the nation.

I’ve seen God moving through many parts of this land, and each work is like a cog, each doing its bit; the cog has been rusty but there is movement again.  It is starting to move because it’s being blown on by the wind of God. What people don’t realize is that there are other cogs up and down the nation where the same thing is happening. The oil of Holy Spirit is beginning to flow through them so that they are starting to move together in perfect synchronization. As I pulled back from the picture I saw that it was the back of a watch and this watch was saying, “Now is the time of the Lord Ma Te wa,” which is a significant proclamation that Ratana made when he talked about what the Lord was doing in their midst. “Ma Te wa, now is the time!”

Lord I pray about this, we are so territorial and individualistic. The beauty of the pioneering spirit is that we can go where no one else wants to go, but the down side of that pioneering spirit is that we become individualistic and territorial. God, I pray that as You are beginning to move in a fresh way through our nation, and each work is beginning to tick over again, cogs that have been totally unable to move, they’ve rusted up, some have been slowly moving, that the breeze of Your presence begins to cause those cogs to move again. But this time You are not going to come on individual works. I know that You are adamant that what You want to happen will be holistic through our nation. As these cogs are moving together, You are going to cause the oil of Holy Spirit, which is a picture of unity, to begin to come. The perfect synchronization of all these cogs fitting together because if one cog is going and the others aren’t, and this one is and that one is not, the watch still doesn’t work. Each cog has to be slowly and perfectly moving the other that moves the other that moves the other that moves the other. God I know that You are saying, “Now is the time.” You desire that Your time come to our land. You are desiring it, God, so I pray do what You have to do that it is Ma Te wa, now is the time. Let the Spirit that rested on Ratana rise up in this land again. I speak to the land to the whenua who is longing for the sons and daughters of God to be raised up out of her own soil, ma te wa. I speak to the land that groans and travails, longing for them to come out. I speak to you, land, and I say "Ma Te wa." I lift my eyes to you and say, "Ma Te wa."



Cindy Ruakere is a gifted communicator, prophetess, and worship leader. She is a dynamic minister of the Spirit, a power-filled warrior and all round fantastic person. She carries the nation of New Zealand and its peoples in her heart, and desires to see them achieve beyond what they believed was possible, to understand their true value and the gift of themselves. She has ministered in many nations to people in prisons, homeless shelters, houses of government and orphanages, amongst royalty, aids victims, the mentally ill, drug lords and rock stars. In all those places she’s brought hope, healing and encounters with the Lord that have changed people’s lives. Click here for more info...