by Lyn Packer

These prophetic words were given during one of the worship sessions at the Uprising Conference held during Revival School in Te Anau at the end of July. During one of the worship times we positioned ourselves to hear what the Lord was saying to us as a nation.

As I transcribed the audio clip I recognised some of the people who shared, so have included their name at the end of their word, but some names I didn’t know and didn’t have a chance to get, so sadly they aren’t able to be identified here. (Please forgive me if I left your name out.) 

Prophetic song

“My heart is open wide
My heart is open wide
My chest is open my heart is beating
For you to come in
My heart is open wide
My heart is open wide
My chest is open so come on into my heart
My heart, my heart, my heart of love, my heart of love
Come on in, come on in”
“My heart is beating like a drum of war, there’s a holy people being raised up, there’s a holy discontent, they want more. Jesus we pray for a holy discontent, that’s not happy with who we are now but that has our eyes set on you and who you are. We just want to feel your love over this people, this nation.” – Courtney Gaudion


“I had a vision of where we’ve been and where we are. It’s in a massive mountain valley with grey Tuscan type shrubbery around with a winding path of our nations history, where we’ve gone, and where we’re at currently. And it’s like we’re at a corner where the scenery is changing, the landscape is changing from this flowing more gentle area to this landscape that is sheer made of rock, that are hard to cut into but when you cut into it, it won’t fall away. And I feel like the methods and the ways God is going to use us as people are different from the ways he’s used us in the past. We need to not stand at the corner and look back at the way we’ve been we need to look forward to where we are going. But the path that we might pick may be different from the one God has for us, and instead of saying “let’s go there” in our own might, we need to be fixed with our hearts turned to God and he will lead us through the rocky cliffs and sheer drop offs and He’ll help us build that path that will not fall away”.

Prophetic Word

“I feel to share something I saw a couple of months ago, which will lead into what I want to share now. We were in a worship night and my eyes were opened to see this massive angel, he was huge. And I said to the Lord, “Who’s he?” And He said, “He’s a breakthrough angel.” The angel had a sword and it was fire, and in the next picture I saw him straddling the North and South Islands and he was spinning around. And as he was spinning he was releasing fire over the nation. And while I was in the worship just now I felt the Lord say, “I am branding you, not only with the fire, but the fire of my love.” And I see Him going up and down the nation and He’s branding the lovers of God, those that know who they are and whose they are. And “Many are leaving these shores,” says the Lord, “for I am raising up every generation in this nation, every generation; and there’s going be an absolute exodus from this nation. I am going from import to export”, says the Lord, “for I am exporting out of here the glory of the Lord and it’s going to hit Australia, it’s going to hit the Pacific Islands, and will you go?” says the Lord. “Will you go, branded with my love and with my fire?”

Prophetic Word

“I feel like God is raising up today powerful sons and daughters who are going to go out across this country and bring reformation with them. We want to see revival come but revival will only come when we see a platform, an environment, that will contain that revival for generations and generations. God is a father and the best platform for that is family. So God is raising up sons and daughters that will go across this nation with a great love for God, but also a great love for each other. Over these days God is turning our hearts toward one another so that we see the beauty – the beauty that each of us carries, that we each bring to the table. We all have something to bring to the table that can change this nation. Right now God is marking people with dreams for their region.” – Stephen Scott


“I want to read from Haggai 2 – "In just a little while I will shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land, and I will shake all the nations.” God will shake the man made plans, culture, personal opinion or traditional beliefs that corrupt the land or human identity. Instead He will infiltrate the land with His culture, the Kingdom culture, that reveals true human identity.” - Marina Kurban

Prophetic Word

“I heard the Lord say two words, “false identities,” and then He said to me that He wanted to destroy the false identities that we lived under. Many of us have been living all our lives with a false identity. We’ve lived with the identity of who our parents told us we were, who our schoolteachers told us we were, who our insecurities told us we were. And this morning God is letting us know that He is about to shatter every false identity that we’ve lived under so that we can open ourselves up to Him and His identity, to our true identity as sons and daughters of the living God. As I’m speaking this there’s a response that’s happening in people’s hearts and your initial response is “Yes God, bring it on.”

But let’s think about this just for a minute; God will take you at your word. This is a moment that actually carries significant weight in the Spirit for every life in here. Are we actually willing to lay down our false identities in order to step into our true identity? That won’t be a decision that you can make necessarily right here on the spot. Your initial reaction might be “Yes God” but there will come a wrestling within you over the next days and months as God brings that back to mind time and time again as He says “Ah, but what about this identity, this idea that you have of yourself. You see yourself as shy; that's not how I see you. You see yourself as insecure; that’s not how I see you. You see yourself as ‘not enough’; that’s not how I see you. You see yourself as ‘just a Mum’; that’s not bow I see you. You see yourself as depressed; that’s not how I see you. Are you willing to lay that down so that your true identity can begin to shape you? As it shapes you, that true identity is going to begin to unseat some things as it bursts forth in your life.”

It’s a time where deep needs to cry unto deep; the deep of our heart needs to cry to the deep places within us and say “Be broken up, be broken up within me fountainhead, that my true identity may be brought forth in this season, so that I can step into who God says I am." So that as Seth (Fawcett) said last night, the hand that you have that was designed to release the power of God releases the power of God, and the mouth that you have which was designed by God to speak words of life, blessing, truth and release speaks those words. There’s a breaking up that God is doing in the Spirit and like Lynley (Allan) said there’s a breaking up in the nation, an unsettling that’s happening; but remember the nation is you. The nation isn’t just this thing out there, all the other people in New Zealand; the nation is made up of you, and you and you. So the shaking and the setting free and the breaking up has got to happen in each of us before it can happen in the nation. It's a wonderful word that God is bringing us this morning! This is an exciting, wonderful season we are in as a nation, where the identity of the church is coming to the fore.” - Lyn Packer

Prophetic Word

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