by Leon Kelly

Word 1

Out of a fresh pursuit of intimacy through praise by the corporate body, there was great encouragement to rise above the current religious influences and mindset of the nation. The Father is encouraging us to keep going, keep lifting our voices and our praise for the city of Zion to rise. He said to us that as we do there is a national veil of witchcraft and control that is breaking over this nation. Over the next six months and beyond through 2018 there is going to be a fresh surge of that name of Jesus. This has already begun, but it is going to rise to the point of going through the government and media, releasing a whole new wave of the power of the Spirit of God through this nation. No one will be able to say this happened because of this ministry or that one. It will be those who are catching what the Lord is doing and not one will be able to claim it. This will take the church into a new place of release and influence in the communities around New Zealand. There will be such a surge that it will have lasting impact to the next generations. A new degree of function, freedom and manifestation will be established in the nation of New Zealand.

Word 2 – A word for New Zealand and Australia

Adonai says, “The nation of New Zealand and the nation of Australia, it’s time to rise up as one people, one body, to be a voice, to be a voice to the nations of the earth of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am now going to start to bring together New Zealand and Australia in a new degree, a new spiritual unity will be established; two nations with one voice for the establishment and witness of the Kingdom of Heaven in the nations.”

I can see as Father brings these nations together in a greater degree a new rumbling will take place in the land of the two nations. That rumbling birthing a sound that will build on the sound of what has already been established, releasing a frequency that will bring a major acceleration, a move of God of redeeming power to the nations of the earth. It will be a great display of Christ’s majesty.



Leon Kelly, along with his wife Rowan, are founders of Arc Movement and Jesus Gathering, an apostolic and prophetic mission to New Zealand and the world, building a habitation of the Glory and Kingdom of Christ. They have 5 grown children and reside both in Dunedin and Auckland. Click here for more info... or go to gloryfireglobal Facebook page.

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