by Cindy & Mike Jacobs


More Prophetic Words from the Breakthrough Conference, Wellington, February 2000

Vision of a Celebration

I had a vision of a celebration. It seemed to be about Easter, where the streets were filled with flowers. There were processionals, and so many people were praising God. Thousands and thousands of people would come in from all over the world and just watch the praises of God. God will anoint someone to do the festival.

Planes Coming In and Going Out

I not only saw planes coming in, I saw planes going out full of missionaries. I saw this nation printing books. There is an anointing upon the leaders of this nation to write books -- books on revival, teaching books, books for children's ministries. I saw printing presses sending literature across the nations in language after language, and I saw business leaders greatly prospering and the wealth of the sinner being transferred into the bank account of the righteous, and I saw prosperity coming. I saw Christians buying banks. I saw Christians buying all kinds of businesses and franchises. The Lord is showing me that there is an anointing of creativity and innovation upon the business leaders of this nation, and I see the connections that God is going to bring in computer systems, and there is even going to be inventions that people will use that is going to impact Asians.

Asians Born Again in New Zealand

God is going to bring Asians here that will get born again. There's going to be such a move of God upon Asian people here. God says that when the influx of Asians comes, don't despise them and don't turn them away, because I have brought them here for My purposes, to send them to China, to India to have influence. There is such an influence on China from this nation.

The Lord is showing me Vietnam; that there is an anointing upon Vietnam from this nation; that you will touch Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Southern Asia. The Lord is showing me that there is going to be release from this nation; that you're going to feed the poor in Southeast Asia. The Lord shows me that there's going to be medical clinics established; that an army of medical doctors will rise up out of these islands. And they re going to have not only anointing for medicine in the natural, but also they re going to be Luke Physicians, and God is going to send an anointing like Luke the Physician.

Prayer and Retreat Centre

I saw a prayer mountain and it was so high that when people came to Wellington Harbor they could see it. The Lord showed me a beautiful garden, and God is going to give you property. It's going to be one of the most lovely pieces of property, and I see you're going to build roads. God will give you the money to build roads and a retreat center, and people are going to come to pray here, because the glory of God is going to be so evident.


I prophesy that there will be such a healing anointing in Tonga that people will say it is hard to find a sick person on the island of Tonga.

Arise, David Nation! New Level of Prophetic.

I believe that New Zealand has a gift of prophetic teaching and for some reason, perhaps because of Satan trying to push you down, you didn't realize that you were small but mighty. Dynamite comes in little sticks, but dynamite blows up mountains. God is bringing a great healing to this nation and to who you are so you can rise up. I feel like the Holy Spirit is saying in all these things don't take on Saul's armor.

An Indigenous Sound

I prophesy that in the next few years there's going to be such a healing coming to the people of New Zealand that you're going to rise up. And it's happening already in the music, it's happening in the messages, and there is an indigenous sound that's going to come. The new wave sound is going to rise up from this nation for revival.

I prophesy this new wave will be the glory; it will be the fire, the glory fire. It's coming up in a great wave you cannot imagine, so there is a wave gathering here, and you will ride the crest of the wave just like a surfer, riding in the anointing. It's coming that way, but the word of the Lord for this has been, Shake off that apathy.

God is saying to New Zealand, "How big is your God? How big is your God?" God is able to bring a revival to this nation that will shake the nations of the earth, and so you have to believe it, and you have to rise up and take it.

All these words that have been spoken could fall to the ground. The Lord is saying to New Zealand, Take your gifts out of the ground where you buried them. I am not a mean taskmaster. I am a loving Father, and there is a multiplication that will come if you will take those gifts out of the ground.

A Message to the Nations

God wants to pour out His Spirit of revelation. There is a message here to be sent to the nations. Just ask God to give it to you. You may not have it at this moment; but that's what it takes to be a David nation. Did you hear the Holy Spirit say that?

You're a David nation. You're a nation with kingly authority for the nations of the earth. You have been in a stage where you have been just like a young boy tending the sheep, but you've been killing bears and you ve been killing lions, and the Lord saw that which you have learned in your individual churches. Now rise up for the nation, and the Saul spirit will be taken down, and those who would be Sauls will come down, and I prophesy that those who will not go with the flow of the Holy Spirit, who try to keep their own kingdom and try to keep what they have built, will be like Saul and truly they will fall.

The Fear of the Lord

And God is going to bring that fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. It's going to rise up in your midst, and so God says shake off the apathy, but realize the reason you have been complacent in some ways, and apathetic, is because you didn't believe in yourself.

Another thing I m hearing the Holy Spirit saying is that there's a new commitment to the Land; that like John Knox you will say, "Give me New Zealand or I die." And you re going to hear this in the generation of young people, and you re going to hear it rise up in the youth.

The Racist Spirit Will Be Killed

There's going to be a fierce love for the Land, a fierce love; and I feel we are just like John the Baptists preparing the way of the Lord. There will be a day our sons and daughters will rise up and they will prophesy, and prophets will go from New Zealand to the nations of the earth. There is a new prophetic unction coming to New Zealand. God is going to raise up prophets in the land. They're fifteen years old, sixteen years old, and seventeen years old. They re going to rise up with the word of the Lord. I think of John Dawson, how even as a young man he was always the youngest in his peer group, and God has used him to bring healing to the nations, and the Lord says you're going to see double that; you re going to come forth and the racist spirit is going to be killed in this land.

And right now I can see prophetically a marriage of a religious spirit and a political spirit that have combined together to stop the move of God. That means that you will only get a certain distance in your planning, and all these leaders will say We're with you, we're with you , but in the end they will bail out because they are permission holding, rather than permission granting. If they can't control, it won't happen. God is going to deal with the spirit of control.

Prophetic Call for Gathering Solemn Assembly

Mike Jacobs: God is calling the leaders of New Zealand to begin to come together to hear God for the strategies He wants to impart.

Cindy Jacobs: New Zealand, says the Lord, shake off your apathy. Are you all awake, or will you wake up to a nightmare that you don't want to wake up to? I have already warned, says the Lord. I have spoken to my Intercessors and I have given warning. Listen and pray. The walls are broken down, says the Lord. It is time to repair the breeches of the ruined cities.

A Gift of Tears

The Lord told me He was going to give this nation a gift of tears; that you re a Jeremiah nation. Declare a fast, says the Lord, and cry out to Me; declare a fast and call a solemn assembly. The Lord says I'm calling this nation to a Joel Assembly. I'm calling this nation to weep between the porch and the altar. I m calling this nation to cry out to Me, says the Lord your God, to rend your hearts and not your garments.

The Lord says, this day I have given you a wake-up call. Now hear the word of the Lord and believe the word of the Lord. The Lord says He will catapult you to a new place; He will catalyze you to a new place that you have never been before.

Redeeming the Land, Blessing Israel

There will be new discoveries here in New Zealand. It seems to me that there will be new discoveries of oil. The Lord is also going to bring-- In the Spirit realm other nations have tried to take from you and rape the land and take what is yours. Is that true? But the Lord is going to redeem it and bring it back, and you're going to see a shift in power, a balance of power because the economy is going to get stronger here in New Zealand. As the revival rises so is the economy.

And God is going to do a great healing. Those who have taken from the land when it wasn't theirs to take will not only have to give it back, but also the Lord is saying to me that there's going to be restitution. In other words, they're going to have to pay money for that which they have taken. Some of it they have taken illegally. The Lord is showing me that there's been some corruption and graft, some money under the table to let some companies in.

A New Way of Processing Ore

And I also see new elements, minerals that are going to open up. In mountain places there are pockets of ore that have not been brought forth in light. And the Scripture the Lord has given me is Isaiah 45:3 - And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places. God is going to open up treasures of darkness and you're going to see it happen. A new way of processing ore is going to be invented in New Zealand, and it s going to be able to extract the ore quicker and faster.

Creative Inventions

And the Lord is going to bring forth His knowledge of great creative inventions for the nations. And there is a new creativity that even though Satan has tried to wound you through marginalizing you and pushing you down-this has happened so many times. I have to say the way that I can liken it to is you know how Israel is, they are small but mighty, the nation of Israel. That's what New Zealand is going to be like. And also I feel God is going to use New Zealand in a great way to protect Israel. Even in the United Nations, there s going to be a fight and you'll be standing up for Israel. And you know, as you bless Israel so you will be blessed. I don't know what your position has been concerning Israel and the United Nations, but the Lord is saying to me, He is going to make you a champion.

David Fights Giants

You're a David nation, and David fights giants. And with the five stones-- which I believe is the five-fold that's going to rise up in this nation in a great and powerful way coming to the forefront-- so you going to see that happen. And God is going to use you to kill some giants. And so, first, you must pray for the healing of the economy, if you're not already praying for that. It's time to find out what legal rights Satan has to wound the economy. I recommend you do more spiritual mapping.

Remember I said to you, you're a prophetic nation? Now I see that you are as a nation of seers. God is opening up a gate. Do you know what that gate opens up? It's to the prophetic. It's a seeing anointing. It's also the Daniel anointing. As God opened Daniel's eyes and sent Gabriel and He said, "Gabriel make this man understand," so God is giving a spirit of revelation.

Breath of God Reviving New Zealand (Mike Jacobs)

(The Lord is reminding me of) I Kings 17 - Elijah, the widow woman and her son. There have been things that have taken the breath, the soul of New Zealand out, and He Himself is going to come face-to-face, prostrate over New Zealand, and He is going to breathe over this nation.

Men's Prayer Movement

This is what the Lord says: I m getting ready to wake up the men of New Zealand. I m going to start a men's prayer movement in New Zealand, and they' re going to get up at the rising of the sun and the Lord says, I'm going to light the family altars, and there's going to be a new move of the Holy Spirit. They're going to bless their children and they're going to bless their families. We prophesy this and we declare this in the Name of Jesus.

Unity of North and South

I saw a picture of the two islands coming together, and I saw that if they were connected, then Wellington would be the connecting place, to make a boot, a shoe. For the Lord says I'm going to bring together the North and the South, and that's why I have gathered you here to Wellington, for you will tread upon the nations of the earth for my glory , and the Lord says, "to you New Zealand, wherever you put your feet, I will give it to you, unlike any other generation that is known."




Cindy Jacobs is the founder of the church movement and ministry - Generals International. She is a respected prophet and prophetic intercessor. Cindy has authored seven books. Her husband’s name is Mike, their children are Daniel and Mary Madison, and she has five grandchildren.
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