by Heather Gullery


I saw children, young teens pushing their way through a congregation until they were at the front of the church. I heard God say, “Make way for the children.” Then I saw that it was more than one congregation, I could see that it was happening in many different denominations. God is calling out children to release the anointing that He has placed on their lives. They are agents of change, not only in their schools, but also in the market place. They are marked by heaven and we are about to see just how marked they are. They will lead adults to Jesus with the sheer purity in their hearts. 

They will pioneer new things for God and succeed. Some have had dreams, and God will place them beside the right people to see these dreams come to pass. 

I heard God say that there's going to be a Sunday school BREAK OUT ! I sensed a lot of movement in children's ministry all over the world. I was then reminded of Esther Hagan as she was handed the microphone to lead worship in Melbourne at Marvel  stadium at Awakening Australia last November; as I witnessed this I knew that this was the beginning of a great movement of children being released into their destinies all over the planet. The next generation of reformers and restorers have taken their place right before our eyes.  


I saw a great army marching in formation and gaining speed. I sensed that we were to arrive in 2019 with noise and a holy roar to take dominion in the air waves. This stance will push back any enemy activity and release a battle plan from heaven for a great in-gathering of souls. I could see commanders standing around a table with their heads together, making plans to take territory. 

I saw angels peel back a cover from over New Zealand and as they did, the Glory of God shone so brightly. Then I saw spotlights that began to move all over the nation, searching for ones; they were so powerful that they reached to the skies. There was a heavenly connection; it felt like heaven and earth were so close and connected. This light expelled darkness. Many will be drawn to this light. It will be supernatural, and the Glory of God will be revealed in a way that we haven't seen before, inside and outside the church. 

Show us your Glory God.      



Heather Gullery leads TARGETS ABLAZE MINISTRIES, a revival ministry based in Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand. She has a life story that has produced a refreshing direct approach to ministry and is in increasing demand as a prophetic, healing and evangelistic preacher.  The depth of ministry experience exhibited by Heather reveals a woman who for many years has been committed to serving in Prison Ministry in a number of positions and roles and serving in a local church as a Community Outreach Co-ordinator.  Heather is also a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School Of Fire.

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