by Lesley Niania


The land was covered in a thick thick layer of dust and darkness was heavy upon the land. 

Then the Spirit of the Lord cried out. The karanga rang through the darkness, but it was not "Karanga mai" (the cry that cuts through the physical realm into the spiritual) it was "maranga ake" RISE UP, the cry that called unto the land, the whenua, the dust. Mmmmmm the sound of the mother. Mmmmmaranga the sound unto the earth, the land, unto the people of the land, the tangata whenua, the indigenous people of this land.

The Spirit of the Lord is calling. Deep unto deep. Into the depths of the land. Calling our people to rise up, rise out of those trenches, rise out of the depths, rise! Rise into Te Awatea (the glimmer of dawn, the beginning of the awakening) unto Te Ao Marama (the fulfilment of knowledge, the full light, the realm of Light).

Maranga ake! Maranga ake! Maranga ake!

And from the dust, people began to rise up, rise up! And rise en mass! All across the land, people, hapu, iwi began to rise from the dust, the land.

But the establishment will attempt to fit this mass movement into that which has been previously established, those structures that are broken, that lie in ruin, with mildew, that leak. They will try to contain this Time of Greatness into the mold of the past.

But the Spirit of the Lord has begun to smash the mold!

This movement of tangata whenua, of indigenous people across the earth, has begun and it will not be contained! Cannot be constrained! It is the River that cannot, and will not, be walled! Cannot be dammed, cannot be controlled.

When He comes, He comes like a flood, breaks through the walls, breaks into the city, breaks into the field, causes havoc to the establishment.

Oh but the Spirit has come, His people have tried to contain He who cannot be contained, He who cannot be quenched, He who has no borders and has withdrawn because we have not understood.

Oh and He comes like a flood, not a wind, lest the dust is scattered and blown about. He will come like a flood and turns the dust to mud. The mud looks like a mess but is the precious clay that He is reforming into HIS NEW VESSELS that will be filled and used in a way that has not been seen before.



Ko Patangata, Ko Kirieke nga maunga
Ko Wharekahika, Ko Wairura nga awa
Ko Te Whanau-a-Tuwhakiriora, ko Te Whanau a Maruhaeremuri nga hapu
Ko Ngati Porou, ko Te Wahanau a Apanui nga iwi.
He uri no nga whanau Pahuru, Collier, Stirling.  
Ko Wiremu Niania toku hoa rangatira
Ko Lesley Niania ahau.
Tihei Mauriora! 

Lesley and Wiremu Niania are part of the senior leadership of House of Breakthrough in Gisborne, under the guidance of Pastor Norm and Jess McLeod.  With a vision and heart to reach tangata whenua and indigenous people in ways they understand, Wiremu and Lesley Niania have ministered for 25 years, travelling throughout the world as musicians, maori advisors, cultural therapists, facilitators and speakers. 

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