by Jim White

(This was given at the Nelson Healing Rooms so some of it is pertinent to Nelson and that region, some is national in significance)

Posted on June 8, 2015

I feel like the Lord is saying to all of you, ”get ready because things are going to get easier.” Things are going to get easier and you are going to start seeing a real synchronisation; if you will, a synchronising of you and God with the patterns of God. You are going to see an easier flow in the area of praise and worship. You are not going to labour in praise and worship to enter His presence; you are going to become cognisant and aware that you are already in it, it’s already in you; in Him we live and move and have our being. They are going to live in that realm of praise and worship, the realm of God, the glory realm.

I see the Lord rolling up his sleeves, if you will, and He’s getting ready to release something in this city called Nelson, New Zealand. God is getting ready not to visit you, He’s coming to stay in this city called Nelson New Zealand. God is getting ready not to visit you, He’s coming to stay, He is coming to stay. God is looking for communities, He’s looking for geographies that He can raise up as a prototype, where He can literally dwell in those places.

If you are thinking about moving out of Nelson, I would change my plans. Don’t listen with your ears, listen with your spirit. Nelson, Nelson, could it be that Nelson, New Zealand is about to become a cancer free city? Could it be that Nelson, New Zealand could become a 'no demon' city? Could it be that Nelson would be known as the city where no demon of hell can live? 

Don’t tell me that that’s not possible; it is possible, and God is getting ready to do something very, very marvellous.

A couple of years ago, I saw two hands come out of heaven and they picked up two islands and the words New Zealand were across those two little islands. I saw those two hands pick up those two islands literally and do this (blows on them).... and then I saw those two hands bring those two Islands up to a face and I saw this (kisses them) …. And I said “Lord, what are you showing me?” He said “I am preparing to release a move of my Spirit in the nation of New Zealand that will stagger and challenge the minds of men in that nation.”

He is identifying cities such as Nelson. I saw aeroplanes flying from all other continents, loaded with passengers and they were flying here to encounter Holy Spirit. The Lord spoke and told me, “There will be no escaping this move of my Spirit.” I see people coming out of airports, literally weeping and repenting because of the Spirit of God’s holy conviction gripping their hearts as they enter New Zealand airspace. I know that this is in the realm, this is being dispatched by God.

Some of you have been ignored, you’ve been overlooked, you’ve been by-passed, you’ve been undervalued and many have given you not much credit for having anything on the ball, spiritually. I see God picking you up and bringing you from the back of the line and putting you up in the front, and I say this with love and respect but, "Hear ye, hear ye, all you oldies. Is not the joke on you? You’re thinking retirement and God is thinking refirement."

At the expense, in the quest of igniting our young people and trying to educate them and bring them into the things of God, it’s often been done at the expense of neglecting one of the most precious treasures we have in our midst, and it’s the men and women of God that have white hair, silver hair, grey hair. You carry the wisdom of the ages, literally. You’ve experienced hardships, you’ve experienced war, you’ve experienced difficulties and you know what it means to have a holy resolve and stand firm in the Word of God, and remain faithful and loyal to His Word and to his promises.

Last night in the hotel in Christchurch, the Lord showed me a vision. It looked like a wave, like a tsunami, like a tidal wave, but it wasn’t. It was all of these oldies, and the sound was frightening; it sounded like thunder, it sounded like a roar and it was all of these oldies, millions of oldies that had just been zapped by the hand of God. I believe with all of you that your best days of living are staring you right in the face. But this is not about ministry, it’s about you becoming more intimate with Him than you ever have before, making him your number one priority. This is about carrying His presence.




Jim White, along with his wife Dianne, serve as Ambassadors to the nations for the International Association of Healing Rooms headquartered in Spokane Washington. As such they travel internationally speaking in conferences, churches and providing teaching and encouragement to Healing Rooms around the nations. Jim and Dianne believe God’s heart beats for the nations of the world and they carry an anointing and mandate to make His presence and power known to those of all walks of life.

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