by Jane Hamon

This is a distillation of the word given by Jane Hamon during the Dominion Conference in HAMILTON, Aug 2014

  • New Zealand is a land of Awakening and Revival that will awaken the dawn and awaken the Church in the earth
  • This nation will produce a generation of revivalists that turn the world upside down
  • God is decreeing a release of a new mantle for a new day in New Zealand… A nation mobilised to bring the miracle power and glory of the Kingdom of God to earth
  • This nation will release a true representation of the Voice of God in the earth
  • God’s voice will be heard from the Land of the Long White Cloud and it will shake nations!
  • New Zealand is to be an Apostolic nation



Jane and her husband Tom are the senior pastors of Vision Church @ Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Jane is a well known prophetess and apostolic leader. Her and Tom often travel as an apostolic/prophetic team to the nations, imparting both the spirit of wisdom and revelation to establish the Church and break open territories through spiritual warfare for the Kingdom of God to be experienced in a powerful and practical way. Jane has been featured on many Christian Television programmes and has written several books.
Vision Church @ Christian International
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