by Jim White

This prophetic word through Jim White is a confirmation of something I, Lyn, have personally seen from the Lord. It was given on 13th March 2016 at the Mission Church in Nelson. The prophetic word is given as part of a whole message which is all relevant and gives insight into what the Lord wants to do, so we have chosen to upload the whole message. The basic content is this - God is not bringing a revival to New Zealand, there is a habitation coming; God is coming to inhabit our nation and He’s not leaving.

Here’s a few of the highlights from the word.

“What’s coming to your nation is not a revival, it’s not a Brownsville, Toronto thing. It’s not a series of meetings. You’re not gonna get word or wind one day that ‘super-dooper’ speaker showed up one day at such and such church in New Zealand and “revival's broken out” and now there are continuous meetings. Everybody say “Old wineskin”… That went out already… What God is getting ready to release in this nation is not a series of meetings; it’s like God Himself is saying, “I’m going Myself and I’m not visiting. Those are My kids and I’m not visiting My kids. No My kids love Me so much they’ve invited Me to come and live with them. So I’m going to, I’m going to New Zealand…"

Speaking of Toronto - “It was such an awesome move of God and it lasted for a long time and then the world went home… What happens here will not be like that. You remember tonight and you remember me telling you, He will not leave; you will before He does…. The most marvellous days to ever be a child of God in this nation are staring you in the face. And I am not embellishing when I say to you that I see people from every continent on this planet flying to this nation out of hunger, out of desperate thirst, out of desperate hungry hearts, ‘cause word is gonna get around the world that God is living in New Zealand and the whole nation is filled with His glory…."

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Jim White, along with his wife Dianne, serve as Ambassadors to the nations for the International Association of Healing Rooms headquartered in Spokane Washington. As such they travel internationally speaking in conferences, churches and providing teaching and encouragement to Healing Rooms around the nations. Jim and Dianne believe God’s heart beats for the nations of the world and they carry an anointing and mandate to make His presence and power known to those of all walks of life.

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