by Cindy Jacobs


Breakthrough Conference, Wellington, February 2000

“As I was sitting during the worship, the Holy Spirit showed me a vision of the anointing of God radiating from New Zealand. The intensity of the anointing of God was getting stronger and stronger to the point that there will be a day when people will come from all over the world to receive of God’s glory.

I saw people planting their feel on the ground and falling under the power of God at the airport. I saw wicked people touching their feet on the ground of NZ and falling on their faces and saying, ‘What do I need to do to be saved?’ The convicting power, the fire of God, will come from NZ.

When God’s power comes, He comes with conviction. He comes with the refiner’s fire. Righteousness must rule over injustice. You’re going to see God rise up in this land. There’s going to be such an anointing of justice and mercy, and people will come here from the nations of the earth to find out about mercy.

The Lord is showing me that there’s going to be a revival at the university. God is going to pour out His Spirit on the university students of NZ. The Spirit of God is going to shake up the students and they’re either going to bow their knee or they’ll bow through crisis, so you’d better pray for the universities.

The Lord is showing me amazing things regarding children. I see little children falling on their knees at the ovals at their schools, crying out to God early in the morning. There will be times when the Spirit of God is going to visit the classroom, and these little five year olds, six year olds, and seven year olds with a prophetic gift upon their lives, they are going to stand up and prophesy to their teachers; they’re going to speak the word of the Lord; there’s an excellence coming such as not previously seen. God is raising up a Samuel generation that will hear the word of the Lord unlike any other generation we have known.

Another thing I’m hearing the Holy Spirit saying, is that there’s a new commitment to the Land; that like John Knox you will say, ‘Give me NZ or I die’. And you’re going to hear this in the generation of young people, and you’re going to hear it rise up in the youth. There’s going to be a fierce love for the Land, a fierce love; and I feel we are just like John the Baptists preparing the way of the Lord. There will be a day our sons and daughters will rise up and they will prophesy, and prophets will go from NZ to the nations of the earth. There is a new prophetic unction coming to NZ. God is going to raise up prophets in the land. They’re fifteen years old, sixteen years old, and seventeen years old. They’re going to rise up with the word of the Lord. I think of John Dawson, how even as a young man he was always the youngest in his peer group, and God has used him to bring healing to the nations, and the Lord says, you’re going to see double that; you’re going to come forth and the racist spirit is going to be killed in this land.

If you will put together a prophetic prayer network, there will come a day when there will be one sound in NZ. There needs to be one sound, a trumpeting sound, says the Lord, and God wants there to be a time when it’s not this network, or that network, when the people will rise up and say, “And what did the Holy Spirit say?’ And as the 24 hour prayer watch goes, God is going to start talking.

You need to harvest it. You need to harvest the intercessors. You need to harvest the prophetic. The water level of the prophetic will rise and rise and rise and rise. You’d better harvest it in the youth groups too, because the youth groups are going to speak. You’d better harvest from the children. God is going to give the Sunday School children dreams and visions.

There’s going to be angelic visitations coming to the children of NZ. There will be two year old children waking up and telling mum, ‘there’s angels in my room.’ There’s going to be three year old daughters visited, two, three, four and five year olds. They’re going to hear the way of the Lord. They’re going to rise up as Samuels. God is bringing the word of the Lord back in this nation.”




Cindy Jacobs is the founder of the church movement and ministry - Generals International. She is a respected prophet and prophetic intercessor. Cindy has authored seven books. Her husband’s name is Mike, their children are Daniel and Mary Madison, and she has five grandchildren.
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