by Lyn Packer

Faith and intentionality combine synergistically to release heaven into earth

We are in a season where faith and intentionality will combine with divine revelation, wisdom, and strategy to cause a synergistic release of divine power and resources.

During my prayer times into 2019 I saw another vision of many people going about their assigned tasks, doing what they knew the Lord had called them to do. Then I saw a bush catch fire and people turning to look at it. I could see that some people were of two minds – should I turn aside from my current task to look at this thing, or not. Some did and some did not.

I could see that this burning bush was an appointed meeting place with God that would be a point of transition, of new instructions and refinement in calling, as it was with Moses in Exodus 3. I also understood that if people did not recognise its significance they would miss something that was sent by the Lord to bring them onto the course of their greatest release and blessing.

For those that did not turn aside to look – they saw the bush as a distraction and either assigned it to being from the enemy to sideline them from their current course, or to being something unusual and possibly from the Lord, but they didn’t have the time or energy to look into it. Their current assignments and vision were deemed to be more important.  They turned away from the burning bush and in doing so they missed an opportunity to move into something greater than what they currently moved in. As I saw it I felt saddened, knowing that these people would continue on their chosen path, doing what they thought was still their calling, not recognising that the season had changed and they had missed that window of opportunity the Lord was offering them. I also saw that their work would continue to bear some fruit for a while. This fruit was however not a sign of the Lord’s blessing on their work, it was simply the effect of the preparation and nurturing of the effort that had gone into the work in the previous season.

For those who stopped and turned aside to look at the burning bush - I saw many meeting their divine purpose in that moment. This moment was, for some, a transition from one season into another within an overall call, as it was for Moses. For others it was a transition from one assignment into a new one. In this moment I saw many receiving revelation and strategy that seemed strange and ‘out of the box’. For many, these seeming ‘outside the box’ ideas would cause them to shift into the place of their divine appointment for the new season.

In this there is an invitation to a divine dance of partnership between heaven and earth that causes a synergistic release of provision and power. Out of that I saw great innovation happen in so many different areas. In all the 7 mountains of societal influence, that divine dance will cause a diversity of inventiveness and forward thinking to emerge that will challenge, disrupt, and even topple established norms.  

In the prophetic arena

God is calling prophets back to their divine template of being those know God’s heart and speak it, because they have spent the time with God for His heart to become theirs. Because of that time spent with the Lord, receiving His heart, prophets are at essence reformers that carry a restorer’s heart. We need to understand that this is what prophets are at the core of their being, and also in their calling. If prophets don’t understand that they’re called to be reformers and restorers that operate from having the Father’s heart as theirs, they’ll be tempted to become just finger pointers – people who see what’s wrong and point it out, but don’t release God’s power to enable change.

In this season many prophets will move from just speaking what they see, to releasing or creating what they see with their words. They will not only call for reformation and restoration, but will release the power for it, and work alongside the church to see it take place and become established.

There is coming a change in understanding that will lead to a change in the way many prophetic people function - for prophets that hold themselves separate from the church, to them becoming prophets who understand that they are part of a body and cannot afford to cut themselves off from it in any way. They will not be people who speak something and then walk away, leaving everything up to others, believing that  they’ve done their part and now it’s up to others to establish what they saw and said. These prophets will roll their sleeves up and work to establish the vision alongside the rest of the church. I see a breaking down and discarding of the elitist attitude that many prophetic people have walked in, and the discarding of any ‘us’ and ‘them’ thinking that some prophetic people and prophets have displayed towards others in the church.

I see many prophets and prophetic people who have been hurt and offended and that have separated themselves from the church because of that hurt, realising that they need the church, getting healed, and becoming a healthy part of it again.

I also see a shift in understanding away from the wrong thinking that many of the church have in relation to prophets and prophetic words. The Lord highlighted two areas of wrong thinking to me.  

First was the wrong understanding that we have neglected to correct many times – that of a wrong reliance on prophetic words to give us insight and direction. This happens for several reasons, but the ones I want to highlight here are – first, the belief that prophetic people have some special insider communication line with God that others don’t have. We are in danger of putting the prophetic on a pedestal in some sections of the church. We unwittingly promote prophecy above other gifts and present it as if it is some special thing everyone should be seeking. Yes, Scripture does tell us to desire to prophesy, but not to make prophecy the first point of call when people feel that they can’t hear from God for themselves. Along with that is the tendency to unwittingly treat prophetically gifted people as vending machines, expecting that we can get a prophetic word from them anytime we want one.

The second understanding that is being corrected is the thinking that we should blindly accept whatever a prophet or prophetic person says without weighing it and testing it to see whether it is actually from God. We should never just accept what someone says just because they are a prophet or prophetic. Scripture tells us to weigh the prophetic words that are spoken by prophets and prophetic people. That means an individual, and church leadership, have the right and authority to weigh any prophetic word, including the prophetic insights I am sharing today. Don’t just take what I’ve shared as being from the Lord; weigh it as Scripture tells us to (1 Thess 5:19-22; 1 Cor 14:29).

Genuine prophecy is given for encouraging and it will build up, stir up and cheer up (see 1 Cor. 14:3, 31). It will not contradict the principles of Scripture (see 2 Tim. 3:16) and will never go against the nature and character of God and His heart for mankind. Genuine prophecy will reveal Jesus and cause you to revere Him and the other members of the Trinity more. Also check, does the word witness with your spirit as being from the Lord? Does it witness with what He has shown you as direction for your life at this point in time? These things are all part of weighing a prophetic word. If you want more information on how to process prophetic words see my article Stewarding the Prophetic Words God Gives Us

Well there you have it, the things the Lord has been speaking to me about as I’ve been preparing for a new year. No doubt He will share more with me over time, but for now this is what He has shared so far.

I pray that you will weigh it, see if it witnesses with you, and if it does, may I ask you something? Will you pray about what I’ve shared and ask the Lord to reveal some things to you?

  • Ask Him to show you what your part is in what’s been shared. 

  • Are there areas of thinking that need renewing and changing in your life so that you can become the reformer you need to be?

  • Is there a burning bush moment being presented to you that you need to take notice of, and turn aside to, so that you can receive fresh understanding of what the Lord has in store for you?

As you pray through and process these things with the Lord, I pray that you will gain greater insight into the part you play in seeing the earth, and mankind, restored back to the Lord’s original intent for them, and that you will receive the power from on high that you need to fulfil that calling.

Have an awesome year!



Lyn is recognised as a Prophet within New Zealand and other nations she’s ministered in. Her ministry is revelatory and catalytic, propelling people into encounter with God. The governmental prophetic gift she carries is expressed through prophetic, revelatory insight and strategy, prophetic words (personal, corporate and national), teaching, art, and writing. Click here for more info...

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