by David Peters

Two days before Christmas 2018, Greta and I were worshipping at our home church, Church Unlimited, Auckland, NZ. During the worship time we began to sing the song Way Maker. As we did, a glorious sense of God’s presence invaded the meeting. Faith grew stronger as we declared the following words about the Lord:

“Way maker
Miracle worker
Promise keeper
Light in the darkness
My God
That is who you are.”

Many sensed that God was breathing on these words bringing them alive in numerous hearts. Then the Holy Spirit quietly but firmly spoke to me: “You are singing the theme song for 2019.” 

This was so clear and I sensed that it applied to the wider church, not just our local one. I believe that in 2019 God will make ways where there have been no ways. As with the crossing of the Red Sea and river Jordan, He will make ways not dreamed of, not anticipated, not planned. Invisible pathways will become visible.

But He requires faith. He makes a way where there is no way. He will move mountains that have been immovable. He makes roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. He opens doors that no one will shut. He makes the impossible possible. We need to recall what He has done in the past and believe that He will do it again.

2019 will require elevated faith levels. We must not let past disappointments reduce our faith level. Believe again. Trust again. Pray again. Declare again. Stay in faith. Have bold faith.

Nations will turn. People will fall to their knees. There will be breakthroughs in strongholds of the enemy. God is raising up an emboldened people who dare to believe that, as in times of old, He is still the way-maker and miracle worker, the God who keeps His promises and the one who will shine into every dark season we, and the world, walk through.




David Peters has long been recognised as a Prophet, both within New Zealand and internationally. He and his wife Greta are the founders of SpiritLife Ministries and are currently based at Church Unlimited, a large, multicultural church in Auckland. They travel extensively both within New Zealand and overseas, inspiring people to have unwavering hope despite life’s circumstances and equipping them to operate in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in daily life. For more info...

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