by David Peters

In April 1997 I had the following dream: I saw a beach scene. The native inhabitants were building a breakwater to stop large waves affecting their homes. It was a busy scene, as the people worked feverishly and with urgency.  They were towing old boats into position and beaching them to help form the breakwater along with any old structures and rubble they could lay their hands on.

They then broke for lunch and left the scene. I waited and watched and to my surprise a freak wave swept some of the breakwater out of position – it seemed a feeble, useless structure. Then I heard what sounded like thunder and as I looked up I could see on the horizon a huge wall of water – a tsunami – racing in upon the land.  It stretched in either direction as far as the eye could see, like a giant wall. It was violent. This was frightening and I had a great urgency to warn the people to get to safe ground. The sight of the huge wall of water racing upon the land with terrific speed was both extremely vivid and alarming.


I remembered something the Holy Spirit spoke to me in 1980: “In your lifetime you will see the waves of revival break upon the shores of this land.”  However this dream was frightening, not euphoric as I imagined awakening would be. It seemed that the revival wave was a wave of both mercy and judgment. Those who tried to resist would be swept away, but those who submitted to God would find it a wave of much blessing and joy.

The inhabitants building the breakwater were the lost of the nation. Over the years the Holy Spirit had sent waves of conviction on them but they had considered these a nuisance and had resisted them. The breakwater symbolized this resistance to the gospel. People had sought out many pathways that were not of God. The devil drove them feverishly to build or resist, but it would be futile.

The lunchbreak indicated that despite this, the people were still going about their normal lives unaware of what was going to happen.  In fact it was in the lunchbreak that the freak wave had come. This wave represents the Toronto wave of renewal the nation has experienced these past few years (called freakish by some), which was the forerunner of greater to come. The initial wave has come, largely unnoticed by the lost of the land and reduced the resistance of some to the gospel.

The final wave would revive the church and sweep away barriers of resistance to the gospel and the nation would be deluged. It was primarily a wave of God’s great love and compassion for the lost, but ongoing resistance, in the light of such power and presence of the Holy Spirit, would mean judgment. I sensed that all New Zealand would hear the word of the Lord (as all Asia did when Paul was in Ephesus but not all were saved). In fact the Lord spoke to me in January 1997 of a harvest of one million souls in NZ, but I have said nothing until receiving this dream. A relevant scripture is:

Isaiah 59:19 (NIV):  “From the west, men will fear the name of the LORD, and from the rising of the sun, they will revere his glory. For he will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the LORD drives along.”

Footnote: I discovered later that in a Queen St. AOG meeting in Auckland in 1970/71, Brian Bailey prophesied that God would move in NZ and:

  • Whole towns would be saved
  • People would be on their faces in the streets
  • One million people would come to the Lord.

At a meeting in Victory Centre with Michael Brown from Pensacola in the 1998, he said that someone had a prophetic word that needed to be shared. My heart was thumping and when no one else responded, I sensed I had to share this dream. There was a very positive response to it, and many said they had also seen visions of a spiritual tsunami hitting NZ.



David Peters has long been recognised as a Prophet, both within New Zealand and internationally. He and his wife Greta are the founders of SpiritLife Ministries and are currently based at Church Unlimited, a large, multicultural church in Auckland. They travel extensively both within New Zealand and overseas, inspiring people to have unwavering hope despite life’s circumstances and equipping them to operate in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in daily life. For more info...

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