by Jim White

This is the second time I’ve dreamed about a place called Nelson, New Zealand. In my dream my wife and I were in Nelson and it was raining really hard yet the sky wasn’t cloudy, but it was the colors orange and yellow. As we walked outside we discovered that the rain drops were actually little flames of fire. These flames were landing on people’s heads. Those with a fire flame on their head seemed oblivious to it all. It really looked like a sci-fi movie. We watched as someone with a flame got near someone who didn’t have one; the one without a flame had a flame settle upon them. On the evening news they were warning people to not get close to those who had fire on them because they were contagious and people were being warned to stay indoors. Soon Nelson had been taken over with “human flames” and these fire starters were doing exploits for God such as this world has never seen – healing the sick, delivering the demonized, and yes, even raising the dead. More miraculous than these exploits was the news that the churches in Nelson had united in such a way that they became the church in Nelson. This dream was so vivid and clear. Then I woke up. I laid in bed for a few minutes until I feel asleep again and it’s like I picked up where I left off with my dream. In part two of my dream this was no longer a “Nelson movement” but rather a New Zealand movement, as the “fire-starters” began traveling throughout both North and South islands. News reports were telling how that this fire was spreading and engulfing the South Island from Nelson all the way to Invercargill, and from Wellington all the way up to the tip of the north island. End of dream.

Again this is the second time I’ve dreamed of a major move of God igniting the whole of New Zealand. Dianne and I have been to this awesome nation several times and God has spoken to us several times of His love and His plan for New Zealand. I’m excited about this and for the people there. I truly believe this is something He wants to release to the nations around the world! Get ready!



Jim and Dianne have been married for over thirty-five years and reside in Cleveland, Ohio.  They have two adult children and four grandchildren.  They founded the Healing Rooms of Greater Cleveland in 2001 and for the past nine years served as the IAHR Ambassadors for the International Association of Healing Rooms headquartered in Spokane Washington.They are passionate about taking the message of The Kingdom of God to the nations around the world.  Through their teaching and training they help others to step into the reality of accessing and living in God's Kingdom here and now.  
They also conduct retreats for corporate businessmen and businesswomen and entrepreneurs helping them to learn how to bring these principles of God's Kingdom into their workplace and businesses.  They love carrying God's presence and releasing His Glory to the world.  

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