by Mary Ponder

I received this 'vision' at the Raging Fire Conference, Hope Centre, Lower Hutt, at Easter 2019.

I was high above New Zealand, able to see every island, but there were no hills or mountains, valleys, rivers or lakes.  It was a great ploughed field with rich dark soil, ready for planting.  Then I saw the Lord's great hand – His fingers wrapped around the trunk of a fully grown fur tree, and just as you would plunge a stake into the ground, He thrust the tree roots deep into the soil.  Immediately the roots took hold and disappeared into the soil (planted).  Instead of just taking His hand away, He slid His hand up the tree and let go.  The friction caused the tree to smoulder and glow like a coal burning through it.  Tree after tree were thrust into the ground, strategically placed right throughout New Zealand.  Then He stood back and blew and the wind of the Spirit hit the trees and all of them burst into flame.  The flame rose high high above the trees and the sparks filled the air, blasting out everywhere.

I believe this is a picture of the move of God that is coming, and that the planting of the trees is happening right now as the Lord re-positions and strategically moves/plants/gifts and anoints people into key places and positions and roles throughout New Zealand.  Once that is done there will be a great wind and move of the Spirit as He ignites and releases His revival fire.    



Mary has ministered prophetically, and in leadership situations, for many years. She attends Christchurch North Elim Church and is currently involved in prophetic ministry, prayer ministry, leadership training, and is on the ministry team there. She has been married for 40 years to her husband Keith and has 3 adult sons and 11 wonderful grandchildren. Mary also runs ‘Ignition Plus’, through which she writes and supplies training and personal development courses for churches to offer to their congregations and communities. 

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