by Fiona Dieleman

On the 28 June 2017, while meeting with a group of friends for prayer, one of the group shared that people had become aware that God had released Seraphim into Te Puke. As they were preparing I was very conscious that an angel had come into the room and I felt that we were to engage him by praying into what God was releasing over Te Puke through the Seraphim. One of the things I saw as we were praying was that God was releasing over us an exponential accelerated grace to bring in a new season.

I then saw a book in the hands of the angel in the room and I immediately knew that it was a ledger (as in accounting), and Holy Spirit spoke the words "Balance the ledger." I then saw the columns of figures in the ledger adding up to the same amount on both sides. The angel then wrote on a clean page 1 April 2018. 

The Holy Spirit prompted me to check out the numbers in that date - 1/4/18 - which I did, and He gave me understanding of what He was wanting us to hear from God.

One, in biblical terms, carries a meaning of uniqueness and oneness, but also one Body, one Spirit, one God, one Church, one hope etc. God is building His church His way and He will have no other version than His.

Part of balancing a ledger is correcting any errors, reassigning items to their rightful place, with everything equal, justified and balanced.

April the 4th month - four is the number of completeness. I believe that this represents a closing off of the season we have been in, and being ready to step into a new one. 1 April is the beginning of a new financial year.

18 - represents judgement by the Word of God, fruitful, a complete new beginning of a new order and completely putting off the old self. 

From the 1 July 2017 to 1 April 2018 is 9 whole months.

What I am sensing that God is saying through all of this is that over the next 9 months He is going to pour out an exponential accelerated grace for the closing off of this last season, and for all that He must do in us individually, and in the Church, to birth the new season. 

I felt that what He is going to do over the next 9 months will be swift, may take us by surprise, and may not necessarily look normal or like anything He has done before. We are to be alert to His moving so that we can flow with this process and not hinder or shut down the new. 

Some of this may be painful and unpleasant, but it is bringing righteous judgement, justice, realignment and correction to those things that would become a snare or a snag to what He is doing. I believe that we will see sudden things happen with people's lives that will bring a correction for them and for the Body of Christ. 



Fiona Dieleman is someone who paints possibilities with her words. She carries a heart for mentoring, and a passion for seeing God's people reach their fullest potential in what He has called them to. Fiona is married with 2 adult daughters and is currently the Ministry Purpose Leader at Te Puke Baptist Church in the Bay of Plenty.


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