by Nate Johnston


The words “synergy” and “hybrid” have been coming up quite a bit lately when I’m praying and processing with the Lord. This is what I believe the Lord is saying to us;

Perfect Synergy

“Synergy means the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”

Many of you have been through many seasons of having to work very hard with little to no results. This has created a vacuum for disappointment and despair to creep into the space you used to dream from. You have still been living exhausted and tired and fearful of the future because you are worried it will involve being worked to the bone with little reward. But God is weighing up the balances. There is coming a greater synergy to your life where God is going to bring about more favourable outcomes simply by changing some dynamics and elements of your life. Where you have had to work and strive to achieve your current outcome, God has been adjusting and recalibrating you to bring a better yield.

There have been some areas of your life in some form of synergy but now you are coming into perfect synergy. God has been adjusting the equation by removing the overheads, clearing out the old junk, and aligning you properly. This has meant somewhat drastic changes for most with heavy impact on circumstances, but with the goal of simplifying your life and creating more capacity to truly live.

For many this has meant your career/activity has changed, your core group of friends/people have changed, your church and alignments have changed, and for some even your location has changed. This has also meant massive vision adjustment, perspective and mindset shifting, and the download of new blueprints. Gods desire for synergy in your life is so that you are better positioned for this next season and ultimately in perfect synergy with His plans and have your eyes fixed on where He is going.

The areas of your life that are still out of synergy are his focus right now, so watch as he continues to sever ties to things that only work against the flow. God will ask you to let go of some things that used to work well but no longer have the synergy they once did. On the other hand God is going to reveal new things that you will have to adapt to and incorporate into your life that will result in more fruit for less toil.

There will be new friendships and alignments that suddenly cause you to come alive. Isolation is ending. God is bringing you the family and tribe that will run with you, hold up your arms and champion you in your destiny. This is the new flow God has for you. This is your hour of synergy manifested, dots connected, and puzzle pieces clicking into place.

Hybrid Ministries and Expressions

Hybrid: a thing made by combining two different elements.

Out of perfect synergy is going to naturally and authentically come forth new kingdom expressions and hybrids we have not seen before. This will be a season that God is birthing powerful new ministries out of the unusual yet divine partnership of different mantles, giftings, and expressions. The religious will say “that can’t be done. That’s not how we do things” yet the explosive results of these hybrid expressions will reveal Gods favor on them.

Streams are already merging. Denominations are tearing down divisional walls and Jesus is getting so much glory as revival expressions begin to mingle and forge new powerful offspring for the body of Christ. Hands are shaking hands we didn’t expect, and strengths are multiplying strengths and unity is beginning to form a new mega-river, and one voice is beginning to cry out from the earth.

Revival expressions will begin to emerge that we haven’t seen before and people will receive impartation of them to take home to cities and regions. We are entering a new era of cross pollination and a worldwide bloom as a result.

God has seen what you carry and He has been so protective of it that He wouldn’t allow it to be birthed in the wrong environment with the wrong people which is why now God is using different scenery and circumstances to unveil what has been incubating inside of you.

To those this speaks to I pray courage to STEP OUT into the new, to LET GO of what you no longer need to hold onto, and JOY to birth and bring forth what is inside of you. I pray that you would have eyes to see and value what comes from this season of change and transition. The fruit is going to look different than we expected but it’s going to feed the nations!

“For his “body” has been formed in his image and is closely joined together and constantly connected as one. And every member has been given divine gifts to contribute to the growth of all; and as these gifts operate effectively throughout the whole body, we are built up and made perfect in love” Ephesians 4:16-18




Nate and his wife Christy head up a ministry called “Everyday Revivalists.” They are passionate to see God's sons and daughters arise in the truth of their identity in Christ, founded in intimacy with the Father who is deeply in love with His children. Nate and Christy strongly believe in healthy families and aim to revive hearts through prophecy encouragement and truth. Their mission is to equip people to be all that Jesus has destined for them. We believe in a POWERFUL gospel, one that edify’s, uplifts and empowers. It’s time for the sons and daughters to find out who they really are, find their approval in Him alone and emerge in the foundations of love and walk in their royal authority. For more info...


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