by Don Smith

This is the time for Te Rongopai (the Gospel), Kotahitanga (unity), one nation, two peoples finding oneness in Christ, and a great future arising from amongst revival and reformation. Many people who carry this partnership and kotahitanga in their own blood, lineage and hearts are being prepared and stirred by God to be a significant powerhouse for advancement that will affect many people – by their example, their choices, their words, their actions. Many are “under cover”, just like Esther in the Scriptures who was warned by Mordecai at a difficult time for their nation: “Do not tell THEM who you are”. However, to these ones: It is vital that YOU know who YOU are!

The first declaration of Te Rongopai o Ihu Karaiti (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) by Samuel Marsden in Bay of Islands (1814) set the tone of the gospel in our nation - “glad tidings of great joy” Te Harinui. God is calling into position many who are children of that gospel and who carry the lightness of God’s presence and joy in the Lord that is exemplary and contagious, and will be very influential in our nation moving forward – not just church and local community.

Prophets, observing history, sometimes say that the first declaration of the gospel in a nation by the apostolic missionary (Marsden, in our case) carries the special Kingdom flavour for that location. Marsden’s declaration about one-ness (kotahitanga) of the peoples is part of that for Aotearoa. The very fact that Marsden was able to stand on that land in the Bay of Islands that day and speak to a large crowd was made possible through his relationship with, and the facilitation of, Maori rangitira – Te Pahi and Ruatara. The move of God throughout Aotearoa in those early days happened, at least in part, through the partnership of the warrior/ prophet/ entrepreneurial gifts of Maori with the organisation/admin, law and justice, and reformationist gospel carrying attributes of the British.

God is raising up missionaries and apostles in our land, and beyond, for the greatest cause on the planet – bringing heaven to earth in divine ways with the Christian gospel. A company of prophets, warriors and entrepreneurs are rising who will advance this cause hugely in our generation by their words and activities. It will be part of causing advances in our nation as the best gifts of Maori and Pakeha partner together with God in revival and reformation. As both cultures embrace the best of the best, and kotahitanga moves us forward, we will experience an uplifting trajectory that will benefit us all.

For Aotearoa/New Zealand, as we partner our best with God and one another, we will become not just the land of the long white cloud, but Whenua Te Atua – the cloud will be the cloud of God’s glory – just as Habakkuk the seer/ prophet saw the glory of the Lord cover the earth. As this gets moving, New Zealand will have seriously new zeal for the things of God and His house – Wharenui Te Atua – and be consumed by it, as the Psalmist describes.



Don Smith leads Uplift Church in Pukekohe, along with his wife Jill. Their focus is partnering with God and others to fulfil Jesus' prayer that we would experience 'heaven on earth'. Don and Jill love to encourage and equip others to understand their identity and purpose in Christ, discovering who they really are and the life they were created to live as sons and daughters of God.

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