by Lyn Packer

On the 28th September we held a Company Of Prophets regional gathering in Nelson. Approximately 40 people turned up to share what they had been hearing from the Lord regarding their communities and also to hear what God is saying nation wide.

We divided those attending into groups where they could share what God has been saying to them about their region. It was a night of confirmation for many as time after time the same things were shared in differing groups.

The following is a summation of the things people shared in the various groups. Please feel free to use these notes in your prayer times as you’re praying for the nation.

Nelson city and region – A city and region of refuge and healing, a city of love, a city of finding your place, a city where creativity and ingenuity are celebrated and encouraged, where these things bring life, and financial provision into the city and region.

Unity  - Again in Nelson, as in other places, the subject of unity was shared in several groups as being something that God has been speaking about – there was a definite sense that we needed to look at this and grapple with what does unity mean, how does it work out and how do we operate in it. For church pastors and leaders – we need to think and talk through – what is unity? How do we have unity while maintaining individual churches identities and focuses from the Lord? How can we work together in unity?

People felt the Lord was saying that unity is a key to releasing the blessing of God into the community. Bringing the churches and leaders together would bring God's manifest presence in the city. God is bringing greater unity between churches. Labels are being put aside.

Bringing a unity to the church community to deal with major issues in the city community. 5 fold ministries connected together and working together to help bring the church to maturity and train the church for their work of ministry.

Seeing God move in the marketplace – God is putting people in positions of influence in the marketplace. Many will realize they are actually called to the market place, it is their calling and their sphere of influence. Church walls are coming down, we will go out, not just expect the community to come in.

Multi-generational work - An increased sense of expectancy of God moving strongly on all generations, There was a feeling that God wanted us to be ready for the harvest in the younger generations, that we need to be ready for them and their radical faith. Prodigals coming back, God is taking the lid off the church as we know it. Time for harvest and miracles of healing. Hearts being stirred for the homeless and downtrodden, misfits and underprivileged.

Reformation not just revival - Seeing Nelson with the presence of the Lord filling it. Bringing a Reformation of church and society, not just a temporary revival. Authenticity is so important. Identity is in Him. Giving out not just thinking about ourselves. Mentally ill people being totally whole. Break down of barriers between people. Nelson will be a city of love, a place where people know they have found a place of belonging. Nelson is. A city of refuge and healing. A place of restoration and refitting, then resending. Fresh anointing to those who have been crying out for something different.

Authenticity, God is calling us to be authentic, to be who we are. God is wanting to pour out through our uniqueness, and through everyday people. People will know God by the love we have for each other. Allowing non believers to share in our lives and see what the Kingdom is like. A groundswell of love is ready to break out. It is messy when it breaks out and it can't be harnessed. It is God's love. A sense of divine family and a genuine love for people who don't know Jesus.

Focus on Jesus and what He is doing or wanting to do - Eyes keeping in focus on Jesus, especially in the light of all the bad news that is around. Not getting focused on the bad that's happening but keeping our eyes on Jesus. We are to be in the world but not of it. God is wanting to release the power of love – he will use it as a weapon to break down walls, to bust through things and bring healing.

Intimacy with God – there is a call to the church for a deeper walk of intimacy with the Lord. Out of that knowing, power and love will come.

Family – Whanau nga tanga - God is wanting to bring us into a greater realisation of what it means for us to be the family of God. There will be both revelation and demonstration of it. Bringing people together as family.

Revitalising – God wants to revitalise Christians who are tired, disillusioned, disappointed with religion. He is wanting to refresh and refire them up to go again, to fill them again with his love, fire and power.

Visions shared on the evening - Several different people reported seeing visions of pressure building up under the ground of the city and region.

  • One saw a vision of oil wells being dug. The oil well represented the anointing and it needs to be released by us digging deep.
  • Another couple of people saw visions relating to water. One saw bubbling water and another saw a geyser breaking through the earth. They felt these visions represented the bursting forth that is to come of the anointing and power of God The water represents the water of life flowing out from God’s children. The geyser represented God’s love bursting out in a way that surprised many, it was sudden and messy, and could not be harnessed. If people tried to harness it, the geyser would just burst out in another place.
  • Another person had a vision of a massive angel, approximately 3 stories high, standing over the CBD of Nelson and as he swiped the sword in his hand over people they would fall down, bondages would fall from them, and they would stand up glowing. Out of that came people who would then stand shoulder to shoulder like sentinels or guards that would guard the move in prayer. In this vision the person saw there was a complete shift of the demonic power over people's lives in Nelson. 



Lyn is recognised as a Prophet within New Zealand and other nations she’s ministered in. Her ministry is revelatory and catalytic, propelling people into encounter with God. The governmental prophetic gift she carries is expressed through prophetic, revelatory insight and strategy, prophetic words (personal, corporate and national), teaching, art, and writing. Click here for more info...

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