by Leon Kelly


 There is the sound of the glory and the Kingdom rising out of both lands. The Lord said that as the sound of heaven rises out of New Zealand, and the sound of heaven in Australia rises up, the sounds will come together creating yet another new sound out of heaven.

As the sound of the two nations become one rising sound, this will again release the body of Christ in a greater platform of influence. These nations will sound as one nation which will release a frequency that will have the nature of the glory, that will bring governmental shift and change to the body of Christ.

Out of these two nations becoming one there will be a global impact of the Kingdom of Yahweh which will sweep the earth. The sound will cause such a baptism of fire that will bring this reformation into the forefront and also birth a revolution that will sweep the globe; not just national harvest, but a greater habitation of heaven in the earth and world harvest. Even though this will take a few years to be fully outworked, it is in process and progress right now. The winds, fires and waters of Yahweh will continue to sweep the two nations, until there is one sound, and the government of the Kingdom of heaven, Kingdom of Yahweh, will enter into a display and be established in a far greater way then what we have ever seen, heard, or felt before.

A new outpouring of the waters of heaven is starting to flow through both nations. The evidence of this will continue to increase as we move forward. This is not a future, far-off thing, it is a ‘now’ thing. To the remnant, the faithful ones that have gone through process for a new platform to be established in their heart, keep going! Don’t get distracted, don’t grow weary, and keep lifting your voice. Don’t listen to the words of criticism or wrong judgement. Surrender your heart, pursuing Christ for the fullness of His nature to be displayed.

We are growing, and the divine nature of Christ will continue to be revealed through us. These two nations as one will be a great display of the glory of His Kingdom that will sweep the globe. Let us be a people that keep preparing the way for the Lord! Yes and Amen!



Leon Kelly, along with his wife Rowan, are founders of Arc Movement and Jesus Gathering, an apostolic and prophetic mission to New Zealand and the world, building a habitation of the Glory and Kingdom of Christ. They have 5 grown children and reside both in Dunedin and Auckland. Click here for more info... or go to gloryfireglobal Facebook page.

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