by Lyn Packer

New Zealand, you are in my sights. I have My eye on you and I am busy about My plans, getting ready to come and fully take up residence within your borders. I am preparing a habitation for Myself in your land, and that habitation is you!

In this time, as I am preparing, I ask that you prepare also. What can you do to prepare? Allow Me to fill you with new vision; that vision will give you a new zeal and passion for Me and for others. This new zeal and passion will be found in My presence by seeking Me and knowing My heart for you and for the people of this nation.

On a personal level

Prepare by seeking Me; ask Me concerning the things I want to do in your life to prepare you for the time to come. Let Me search you, let Me expose faulty thinking and old mindsets that aren’t in line with My Kingdom and what I’m doing in this season. Some of the things you’ve believed were fine for what I was doing in years gone by, but they need to change to come into line with what I’m doing now. Be willing to change the things I ask you to change.

Let me go deep into the hidden wounded places that still fester within you, and let Me bring healing and wholeness to them. I need you to be ready to bring my healing to others, and that happens best when people can see people that I’ve healed standing before them.

Don’t sit back and expect Me to get you ready for my coming; don’t think I’m going to do it all. My bride needs to also make herself ready. I am expecting you to partner with Me in a whole new way in the days ahead, and that means preparing for it now. Ask of My plans for you, for the things that I have in mind for how you can best serve Me. Take stock, in partnership with Me. Be willing to lay aside those things that were right for previous assignments, but will hamper you in the new ones I’m about to give you.

Up-skill where I show you to up-skill, learn the new things you need to learn in order to function in new ways, with new technology. Some of those ways and technologies will be new practical skills, some will be spiritual gifts that you need to learn to function in. Ask Me and I’ll show you what you need to learn. Then be diligent and do it.

Spend time with Me, learning to abide and rest in My presence, and learn the subtle nuances of My heart and My ways of moving. There is so much that I have to show you of the times to come, so much of My heart to place in yours, so many of My dreams and visions for your future to show you. You need to see clearly what I want to do, so that you can move with clarity and understanding when I tell you to move. Don’t despise the time of preparation - it’s necessary.

On a corporate level

Ask Me to show you what I am about to do, what I want the church to look like in the days ahead. Let Me deal with wrong mindsets concerning what the church is, and what it’s not. Let Me deal with parochialism, with feelings of ownership and this being your church. It’s not; it’s mine! Let Me deal with narrow mindsets, limited thinking and shallow faith. You’ll need expansive thinking and big faith in the days ahead.

This will be one of the biggest shifts that’s ever happened in the church, and I need supple wineskins to hold the wine I pour out. Pray and take stock; look honestly at your current structures and ways of doing things. Taking stock doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a critical spirit, although some who don’t understand what I’m doing may label it that. Honest evaluation is necessary for change to come. Identify the problems and needs.

I will want to shift people that are in the wrong place and put them into the place of their greatest effectiveness. This may cause pain and angst for some as I do this. Work through the issues surrounding that; don’t dismiss and write people off when they react, work through it. Let love cover the weaknesses of others.

I will cause a greater working together to come between churches and leaders than ever before. For that to happen you will have to be willing to lay down personal agendas and plans for your church when I ask you to, so that I can achieve My greater purpose. It will take humility to work together in new ways, and I am calling you to a greater level of humility than ever before.

My Kingdom is advancing

What I am doing will not be able to be owned or steered by one man, one church, or one denomination. It’s already begun to happen. All over the nation My people are being revitalized, activated and sent out like never before. Healings and miracles are happening at an ever-increasing rate. Signs and wonders are being seen. Lives are being changed. Day after day My children are pushing back the darkness and releasing my Kingdom. It’s happening, it’s growing; and it will continue to do so. This is not a move that any man, or group of men, can decry and shut down; too many people are already involved and activated. This is me! I’m doing it, I’m moving in your nation and a groundswell is happening that will result in a tipping point coming where My power and love will be released in unstoppable ways!

What I’m doing will spill over and effect every strata and sphere of society. Get ready for that. Pray and dream with Me about what a nation can, and will, look like when I take up residence.

New Zealand, your greatest days are ahead. Let Me show you that. See those days; let them fill your vision. Dream about them, prepare for them and as you do, stay in the place of rest and abiding faith in Me as you wait for Me to come to you. For I will come. That I promise.



Lyn is recognised as a Prophet within New Zealand and other nations she’s ministered in. Her ministry is revelatory and catalytic, propelling people into encounter with God. The governmental prophetic gift she carries is expressed through prophetic, revelatory insight and strategy, prophetic words (personal, corporate and national), teaching, art, and writing. Click here for more info...

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