by Lorraine Hagen

Recently in an encounter with the Holy Spirit, I saw New Zealand ablaze, burning like an inferno.

As I was watching, the scene changed to people resembling logs of wood drenching themselves with prayer and fasting, as you would douse logs with an accelerant to cause them to catch fire quickly. They were being called into the fire of the Lord and were preparing themselves to burn for His glory. Once the fire had set them ablaze they ran to throw themselves over others so they too would burn with the fire of the Lord ........ because our God is a consuming fire.

I understood forerunners, many of them, even entire fellowships who have a corporate call as forerunners, are being called from throughout our nation to devote themselves to the Lord as never before, to drench themselves in fasting and prayer.

God is planning to set our nation ablaze.

Let's be prepared for this visitation.

Let's prepare the way of the Lord.



Lorraine Hagen is the apostle of The Mission and the ministries that flow out from this work. As a general in the army of God, Lorraine leads both national and international initiatives, including training and equipping schools, prophetic gatherings, and mission work in Zimbabwe, India and Fiji. She significantly inputs into the Mission Fellowship in Nelson and Mission North in Whangaparaoa.
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