by Brad Panther

In mid July 2017, during a time of spontaneous worship, out of the Glory the Lord caught me by surprise with the following announcement, “And nooooooow for my crowning achievement!” I likened it to a stage performance that was coming to a climactic end.

This word carried a feeling of the culmination of all His previous work coming to a climax in His “crowning achievement.” It was His crowning glory! There was a great sense of excitement, anticipation, and momentum around this announcement in the spiritual realm. It was like all of heaven was pausing and all eyes were fixated on King Jesus and what He was about to do in the Earth and with His Church.

After I heard those statements I was suddenly taken into a vision where I was in a birthing room and I saw a mother in labour with an intense birth; the baby’s head was “crowning.” I heard another announcement, “The crown precedes the birth.” Then, “Look, the head is now appearing!”

I felt the Lord say “There is always a "narrowing" before anything is "birthed”. I was really preparing you for my crowning achievement, but you did not discern the season. My People I was really positioning you in the secret place for this moment.” 

I say to you, "The Head must proceed the Body at this new birth! Yes, it was so painful, yes it was a struggle but we have reached the point of the no return; it is imminent. I cannot hold back any longer. Get ready for the final push!”

“There will be great joy coming from the pain and anguish of the last season, my Church. Inexpressible joy at what I am now bringing to birth. You will see it with your own eyes," says the Lord. “In your generation, in your time I am indeed making Myself known. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the First and the Last."

“Your labour is not in vain," says the Lord, "You will see the travail of your soul and be satisfied. Though what has promised has delayed, it will surely come to pass. Now watch and be amazed!”

“For you will see the Head, King Jesus, “crowned” in all of His glory, coming forth! Loved of God I have reserved this season for some of my greatest works, my greatest achievements. They are now coming forth into the Earth, into Aotearoa. Because you have longed for it I purposed you to be a part of it. For it is a season of my absolute Sovereignty, you will see Me as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! You will see Me high and lifted up and the train of my robe filling my temple! There is greater glory being released in this hour. My finest hour! Get ready for what is being birthed,” says the Sovereign Lord, "for it is "My crowning achievement!”

As it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual. In this last season there has been a squeezing, a constricting, even times where many have felt that the life was being squeezed out of them spiritually. Many have grown tired because of this prolonged labour. There has been a feeling of being constricted and confined with no room to move. Many have asked questions like - Why was there no light? Where was the breakthrough? 

I felt a real sense that we will see the pre-eminence of Christ as the Head of His Church coming forth in an entirely new way in this season and the encouragement is that our labour has not been in vain. It is a fresh emphasis and relates to a fresh revelation of His sovereignty. It will be a crowning achievement!

There has been a real hidden struggle with God's people in the last season because He has been radically realigning things in short space of time and in a tight space. Much of this dealing we have attributed to the enemy, as we [general sense] have not discerned the season, but I believe it has been the Lord's doing all along. All the squeezing in the hidden place has been about seeing Him "Head first" in this new birth. 

Col 1:18 "And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy." 

Even as I’ve pondered this word again I get a real sense of a greater manifestation and appearing of His glory - see Isaiah 60 for a NZ that will point to His Lordship. The King of Glory is coming in.

God named NZ Aotearoa "Land of the long white Glory Cloud" His glory will be seen the length and breadth of our Islands as the waters cover the seas. Even as I share this now I am experiencing the fragrant breeze of the Holy Spirit swirling all around me! Thank you Lord.



Brad has been involved with youth, pastoral, and prophetic worship ministry for 24 years in the Far North and is currently Worship Pastor at Kaitaia Christian Fellowship. Since graduating from Faith Bible College in 1993, following a time of visitation and encounter on Campus, he has been on a journey seeking to minister out of the secret place to release the new sound, spontaneous song, and word of the Lord. He has a fervent passion to see the “Long White Glory Cloud” covering the Land of Aotearoa and a new zeal arising for the Lord’s House.


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