by Norm McLeod

There are many trumpets / voices, but no unity or synergy until all sit at the Lord’s table of humility and honour.

1 Cor 14:8 “For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?...”

 While on Waitangi I noticed many tents with many different speakers. Some Christian voices, some government voices, some Maori voices. Wairua Tapu said, “Every man is blowing his trumpet here, but their messages are divided, not united, and the people cannot hear clearly what Wairua Tapu is saying to Tangata Whenua and Aotearoa.”

The problem is that many of God’s voices / trumpets in Aotearoa think that they have THE MESSAGE, not realising that God has only entrusted to them a JIGSAW PIECE of the message. Each voice / trumpet only has a PIECE of the message from Wairua Tapu. It will require every voice / trumpet to humble themselves and recognise that their piece is only important, and forms a clear picture, when it’s placed alongside the other voices / trumpets that Ihu is speaking through. This will require HUMILITY to HONOUR the other voices / trumpets that Wairua Tapu is speaking through in Aotearoa. Ihu is not speaking just through one church, one denomination, one ministry, one apostle or prophet in Aotearoa.

As an Apostle I have an important message / voice, but I know that I only have a piece of the picture of what God is saying to the church and nation. However, when I place my piece alongside the pieces of other Apostles, Prophets and leaders in the church, I know that our pieces collectively form a clearer picture, a clearer trumpet sound. Wairua Tapu is speaking some amazing messages to the body in Aotearoa through 5 fold trumpets, both Maori and Pakeha.

In the book of Joshua all the Tribes of Israel had to come together as one people in order to bring their nation into a new land. Likewise, it’s going to require the same unity of God’s people, the same humility and honour before God and man, to activate a synergy to unleash Heaven’s plan for Aotearoa. Kotahitanga.



Norm and his wife Jess are the senior Pastors of House of Breakthrough Church, Gisborne NZ. They are committed to making a Kingdom impact in their city, spiritually, socially, culturally, and economically. They regularly see miracles, healing signs and wonders that turn people to Christ, locally, nationally, and internationally. Norm is recognised by many as an apostle with a strong prophetic edge who is gifted to help awaken, empower and deploy God’s people to minister in the character and supernatural power of God. For more info…