by Jill Smith

As we prayed at church yesterday I was looking at the nation of New Zealand from a very high perspective and saw the overview of the whole land. As I watch a line came down over the land and I felt the Lord called it a plumb line. It stretched the length of the entire nation and was totally straight, crisp and clear even as it was laid down over the mountains, hills and valleys. As the plumb line came down, another line that matched it exactly rose up out of the depths of the earth, and I felt that it represented the will of God for New Zealand that had been laid down in its foundations from the very beginning. The two lines came together and merged. As they connected there was an activation, a charge, that magnetised the plumb line. Immediately particles that looked like metal filings began to emerge from the land and were pulled to the plumb line. There were too many to count, and the movement increased and increased.

The particles represented all people and things being drawn to Jesus, and their movement is the “move” of God we’ve cried out for and are beginning to see. This movement will transform our nation into the true mirror image of heaven that God created us for. Let us continue to pray, praise, worship, align our hearts and minds with heaven, and declare our “Amen” to heaven’s “Yes” over Aotearoa.



Jill Smith was born in Whangarei, Northland, raised in Auckland, Geelong (Australia), and Palmerston North. Through her father she has iwi connections to Tainui and identifies strongly with New Zealand’s bi-cultural and partnership vision.

She has been married to Don for over 40 years and together they have a lively family who they enjoy heaps - four children, their husbands and wives, and ten brilliant grandchildren.

Jill’s prophetic ministry flows through teaching, preaching, prayer, writing, coaching, counseling, art and church leadership. Currently Don and Jill lead Pukekohe Community Church on the southern border of Auckland, and Jill travels regularly to minister further afield.

Jill is ordained with ACTS Churches New Zealand, connects with prophetic networks within in New Zealand, and relates to other Christian leaders for friendship and support. She can be contacted at

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