by Janet Chambers

I heard God saying;

“I’ve poured out new wine, and you have experienced the new wine, but what I’m about to pour out is champagne. “ I knew He was speaking about spiritual champagne so I began to study the different characteristics between wine and champagne. I was stunned as I began to see some facts about champagne. We have been getting words about pressing and about shaking and we’ve also had words about strengthening. I saw the Lord with a huge bottle of spiritual champagne, and He’s shaking and shaking it and any minute now that cork is going to pop!  

There are a lot of interesting things about champagne, that have spiritual significance. There are international laws concerning the making of champagne:

1 - The grapes have to be hand-picked.

  • You are hand-picked, the tender of the vineyard is going through and He has hand-picked you.

  • Those grapes are picked from very specific areas. Here, in New Zealand and in Australia, this word keeps coming out, about epicentres, God is forming epicentres all over the world, where His glory is about to be poured out in a new way. And so, there is a parallel with specific areas where the champagne grapes are grown- and moves of God coming from specific epicentres.

2 - The grapes are pressed twice.

  • There has been a strong sense of the pressing of the Lord in 2017, through circumstances. There’s a pressing twice with Champagne, because there’s a fineness to this drink. Many of us feel like “God I’ve had enough pressing, and I’ve had enough shaking! There’s been so much going on in my life, and I felt like everything had come into alignment, and then the pressure comes on again.” But it’s actually love, it’s out of what He knows is about to happen, and what is about to be poured out.

3 - It’s pressed in a covered environment.

  • This can’t just be pressed anywhere; it’s pressed in a covered environment. All around the world I am seeing a new sense of appreciation of covering. I’m seeing prophets coming together in companies of prophets. And there’s protocols to the prophetic being written. I’m seeing evangelists gathering together and wanting to band together. There’s covering, there’s protection, there’s appreciation for governance.

4 - It can be vintage or non-vintage.

  • God is speaking about a move that will be multi-generational, vintage or non-vintage, it doesn’t matter the age of the people concerned, spiritual champagne is going to be poured out, and it’s going to stick!

5 - It’s high in polyphenols.

  • Champagne is very high in polyphenols.

  • Polyphenols help prevent heart disease. They help prevent stroke. What God is about to pour out through us and on us, is going to help heal the heart disease in our nation. It’s going to deal with depression in our nation. It’s hard to be depressed when you’re drinking spiritual champagne!

6 - In laboratory tests recently, they’ve found out that champagne, not wine, not other forms of alcohol, but champagne, appears to help and increase the cognitive function and memory function of the brain!

  • God is about to pour out something that will touch our brains. That will touch our minds, He’s going to download blueprints and strategies. If you’re in business, or ministry, God is about to pour out something that will touch your brain and help release strategies, it’s going to release strategies and increase for us.

7 - It’s doubly fermented.

  • Fermented means: “To set in motion, to be excited into motion”. So with champagne, they ferment it once and then it’s bottled, and then they ferment it again. It’s a double stirring, a double setting into motion.

  • God is shaking us into motion- to not just be in the church with your gifts, but to get out into the market place. God is stirring us; he’s shaking us into motion.

  • There’s a greater pressure and a greater fizz with champagne than there is with wine, so the bottles have to be strengthened. God has been strengthening us, can I suggest, that in the 1990’s we saw an outpouring of new wine, and between then and now there’s been a strengthening going on. There’s been a shoring up, we’ve been getting our foundations sure, and God has been strengthening us up because He is going to pour out and pour in spiritual champagne.

8 - Large bottles of champagne are named after biblical kings, biblical figures.

  • The largest bottle is the Melchizedek bottle, it holds 30 litres, or 40 bottles of champagne. Now when you look into the meaning of 40, we see in the bible;

    • 40 days and 40 nights with Noah and the flood

    • The spies went into the land for 40 days

    • There are people having fasted for 40 days.

  • 40 means a change of era, a change of season, a change of time, and God is declaring, “It is a change of season, it is a change of era, it is a change of time”.

  • The number 30, because it holds 30 litres;

    • 30 means the beginning of ministry, the beginning of a ministry age or a ruling age.

    • Jesus came into his ministry at 30 years of age

    • David became king at 30 years of age

    • Joseph became prime minister at 30 years of age.

  • It means stepping up, into what you were born for. And God is saying, “I’m releasing champagne, I’m shaking up the Melchizedek bottle and It’s a change of era, it’s a change of season, and you are stepping up church, into what you were born for”.

9 - There are fine, fine bubbles in champagne, it causes it be absorbed quickly into the system, and we know that are in a season of acceleration where God is going to pour out, and many multitudes of people are going to receive the gospel, it’s going to impact them quickly, they’re going to absorb it quickly, they’re going to up and run.

10 - What’s champagne used for?

  • It’s sprayed over winners. You are a champion, you are winning! God is wanting to spray out a new thing, and it sprays over the crowd as well as the champions and it sticks & can’t be just rubbed off!

  • It’s used to launch large vessels, which prophetically means ministries. God is going to release new large ministries in this season that are going to impact the earth.

  • It’s used in special family situations, when the family gets together. All over the church I’m hearing of different denominations getting together. This is the season we are in, where hungry people, are crying out- it doesn’t matter whether they’re Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, there’s a cry of, “I’m hungry God, pour it out! I’m hungry God!”

  • It’s used in special times of romance. A particular time in a romance, in a courtship. We are in a particular season and time in this courtship between the bride and the Lord.

11 - Champagne sprays because of high pressure and it can’t be recorked easily.

  • The devil is not going to be able to recork this thing, he’s not going to be able to stop it up.

  • And the more it’s shaken, the further it sprays.

Some of the prophetic words that came out in Australia;

  • We’re going to a wedding; we’re getting ready for a wedding.

  • There’s a theme of family coming together. There’s a sound of expectancy, but not emergency. It used to be S.O.S coming from the church, now it’s S.O.S – Song of Songs, the song of lovers coming out.

  • I’m recalibrating my people with the heart of champions.

  • We will see a drunk (in the spirit) and happy, industrious people being released in this next move of God.

Those four different words all came out, and all line up with what God is beginning to do with the pouring out of champagne.

Another thing we’ve been hearing a lot of is the 7 mountains of influence of society. When I looked at Joel and Amos I was fascinated with these 2 scriptures, Joel 3:18, Amos 9:13, talking about mountains dripping with wine.

  • Champagne was traditionally drunk by the rich and the educated.

  • In the next move of God, we are going to see all of society dripping with wine. We need our hospital system dripping with wine, we need our legal system dripping with wine, we need our education system dripping with what God is pouring out. People leading in our nation saturated with the presence of God, that’s what God is about to do.

  • God is about to pour out in a way that is more explosive than before, more intoxicating (spiritually) than before.

  • It’ll touch the mountains of influence so powerfully that they will drip with the abundance of it.

  • There’s a fresh sense of being champions, of being victorious, of heaven celebrating us.

  • It will usher in a deeper relationship of unashamed intimacy with the King.

  • It will spray all over society, it’ll stick, and the devil can’t recork it. Amen!

Often God speaks words to us that confirm other words already released. Check out Chuck Pierce's word which confirms this word from Janet Chambers.



Janet and her husband Wesley have been senior leaders of Living Waters Christian Centre, Christchurch, for 23 years.

Janet ministers nationally and internationally as a teacher/prophet and has a passion for people to hear the heart of God for their lives , cities and nations. She loves to see them rise up and be agents of change for the Kingdom of God. 

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