by Jill Smith

The Lord is lifting up a standard in the midst of confusion and pressure. We are to gather to Him, trusting His faithfulness, and rising to the challenge to stand unmoved by the tactics of the enemy. Strong winds of change are blowing, but we must hold fast to peace and confident expectation in the Lord. We must stand straight, tall and true in humility.

Resist the devil and he will flee. Resist weariness and discouragement and they will flee. Resist fear and intimidation and they will flee. Resist the temptation to withdraw and hide and the pressure will melt before you when you stand up and keep advancing, holding on to faith and confidence. Resist the temptation to look to the right or to the left and compare, criticize or condemn others. Instead, fix your eyes on Jesus and be focused and obedient to your own call, direction and contribution, whilst honouring others.

Break free from the control of the spirit of idolatry that would raise up men, methods or movements as your model, source or answer. Instead look to the Lord and simply do what He’s given you to do. Break free from the control of the fear of man and faithfully serve God with joy and courage. Break away from the tyranny of technique so that you can walk with freedom, creativity and confidence in the unconventional wisdom of heaven. Don’t conform to the patterns of this world, even though some of them come clothed in religious language, cultural expectation, and tempting promises of success.

Refuse to react in judgment to what you don’t understand, just because it is unfamiliar. Rather, ask Holy Spirit for discernment and wisdom, so that you will know what to embrace and what to let pass by. Actively bless who and what the Father is blessing and strongly resist the accuser of the brethren who would love to divide and conquer. There has been a strong assignment from hell to slander, accuse and demoralize the champions of heaven. Don’t do the devil’s work for him by picking up his words in the atmosphere and giving voice to them. In this season no one person, group, or movement will have the whole picture. God is entrusting aspects of His wisdom to different parts of the Body and His whole counsel will only be known as we honour one another. This is a good time to hold back on voicing your opinions about others, but instead take counsel with the Lord. Remember, God chooses the weak and foolish to confound the wisdom of the so-called wise.

Humility will be the key that grants access to the treasures of the Kingdom that have been entrusted to other parts of the Body. Pride, ambition and competition will not grant access to the wisdom and resources of heaven for this season, and they never have in any season. Humility, the unity of the Spirit, and honouring others will attract God’s grace and favour. Those who prefer the opinion and affirmation of heaven over the man’s will be free to respond to new ways of being and doing in the Kingdom. Blueprints and strategies are being released from heaven all over the place right now, but it will be those who are humble and intimate with the Lord who will be able to understand how to work them out on the earth.



Jill Smith was born in Whangarei, Northland, raised in Auckland, Geelong (Australia), and Palmerston North. Through her father she has iwi connections to Tainui and identifies strongly with New Zealand’s bi-cultural and partnership vision.

She has been married to Don for over 40 years and together they have a lively family who they enjoy heaps - four children, their husbands and wives, and ten brilliant grandchildren.

Jill’s prophetic ministry flows through teaching, preaching, prayer, writing, coaching, counseling, art and church leadership. Currently Don and Jill lead Pukekohe Community Church on the southern border of Auckland, and Jill travels regularly to minister further afield.

Jill is ordained with ACTS Churches New Zealand, connects with prophetic networks within in New Zealand, and relates to other Christian leaders for friendship and support. She can be contacted at

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