by Colleen Doyle

Last night I dreamed that someone had given me sandwiches to enjoy. Just as I was about to bite into the first one which looked and smelt like ham … a hand on an unseen body appeared and took it from my hand, leaving me with my mouth open and no sandwich in it.

A voice said ‘that is not ham, it is hamster in that sandwich!’


At first I thought it was just a ‘funny’ but realised that God was speaking about discernment.

There are many things that we are being offered today that look good, smell good, look like something we know and have enjoyed in the past, but will not bring the desired result.   There are so many voices saying ‘go here’, ‘do this’, ‘do that’, ‘go to this conference’, ‘pray in this way’, ‘minister like this person’, ‘follow that person’.

There is a need today for discernment on a much higher level as we are entering the greatest revival of all times. The enemy is aware of the potential of these days and is presenting many things in the guise of ‘good and familiar’ to detract and distract, derail the purposes of and do harm if possible.

Today media has offerings of amazing things God is doing and there is sometimes a pressure to ‘do it’ like someone else:  pray a particular formula to see God heal, have a particular mind set as to how God will move, do this, say that, move in a particular way to see our desired results.   

Much discernment is needed. None of these things are wrong, but they could be the hamster sandwich! It looks good, it sounds good, it smells familiar, but it will not bring the results we are expecting.

All that God wants to do, and will do, through us His children, is His agenda, invariably creative, invariably flexible and will bring heaven down. We must hear the still small voice of Holy Spirit.

Do not be deceived into following any theory, any person, any formula, any website …… even though these are helpful to encourage us, unless we KNOW it is the right thing at the right time.  Jesus is well able to guide us by His Holy Spirit into all truth. He is doing amazing things in new ways through His ordinary people who will hear His voice saying ‘THIS is the way, walk in it!’

Pray for discernment and follow His promptings, not something anyone says is ‘the latest thing……’  You will see amazing things happen.

I want genuine ham sandwiches, not hamster ones!



Colleen Doyle is director of ‘GO’ Ministries International. She is ordained under the New Life Churches of New Zealand and is an associate minister in her local church, Living Waters Christian Centre, Christchurch. Colleen has ministered extensively throughout New Zealand, the Pacific, Africa, Asia and into other nations for many years, both in teaching and the prophetic. She is passionate about seeing the Body of Christ be all it can be, and over the years she has had great joy in seeing large numbers in many nations give their lives to Jesus, be baptized in the Holy Spirit, be healed and come to a new place of commitment and passion for Jesus. 
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